in case the world ends today...

...know that you are loved. (really.)

I'll spare you too many words today, because if your brain capacity feels anything like mine, it probably needs a rest.

Instead I'll share a video collage of some recent creations from myself and people in my life. Things that have been inspiring me lately.

I hope that they fill you up and inspire you, too.

I hope they signal you to connect to your passions and purpose.

I hope they help you to love even bigger.

If you feel inspired, share something of yours in the comment box below and let's keep the creativity flowing into this next phase.

Not only is it 12/21/12, the supposed end of the world, but it's the Winter Solstice. The darkest night of the year. The time when our inner light needs to shine brightest. The time to connect to our deepest selves. Give yourself time, space, and love today. You deserve it.

with light in the darkness,



dances from me:


Amazing, spot-on (in my opinion) astrological advice on what 12/21/12 and "the end of the world" can mean for us, from Ophira Edut via Marie Forleo:


inspiring stories and creative projects from our last Creative Fridays Showcase:


a documentary worth watching:


haikus written by my dear friend sarah:

Deepest darkest Yin

Silent night oh holy night

Whispers of the void.


beneath all the noise

Listening for the silence

deep water wisdom


Enjoy the return

All you fearless warriors.

Made it through again!