instead of giving up

I'm learning that in order to give birth to a creation, you need to let other things die.
You yourself may even feel like dying at certain points throughout the process:
the relentless pushing, the hard-working, the self-doubting, can make you feel like giving up.
But I'm here to tell you not to.
If the pushing feels like it's not really getting you anywhere, then stop.
Stop and breathe and let go of whatever your mind is telling you to do.
Ask your body what it feels like doing and listen.
I tell you, it works. Even if you don't want to listen or you don't let yourself stop, your body will force you to.
This week, I experienced a birth and a death and an intensive labor process that quite literally left me helpless in bed. As you know from previous posts, these past two weeks have been full with family issues to attend to, which already had me in a hyper focused stress mode. Somehow along the way I managed to also keep up with regular work and work diligently at giving my website a complete makeover. When I wasn't attending to my family, I was stuck to my phone or laptop, keeping busy with email communications with my amazing technical help and making late night edits of my own.
I gave birth to a new website,
I returned home to Brooklyn after an 8-day stretch,
And then my laptop died.
And then my monthly visitor came along which allowed me to resign to the couch for awhile.
And if that wasn't enough, a bout of food-poisoning came along last night, too.
(See what I mean? If you don't stop, your body forces you to!)
So here I am (feeling much better, by the way), on a borrowed computer.
As much as I want to make more edits to the website or start working on other projects I have in mind, I'm going to listen to my body and just stop before it knocks me on my back again.
Will you join me in slowing down today? 
Have you given birth to something recently? 
Please share with me in the comment box below. 
I'd love to hear your story.
reporting live from surrender,