is your dream an uphill battle?

 If you’re really meant to be a successful writer, actor, photographer, or {insert your dream here}, then shouldn’t it just happen already?


If you ever feel like working towards your dream is an uphill battle (with a lot of wind and debris flying at your face and a muddy path that is hard to keep track of) you’re not alone.


A lot of people say that once you find your thing and commit to the path, everything eases up and your world opens up.


While I agree that committing to your dream and letting go of what’s not working will do amazing things, I don’t think that it necessarily makes the path any less circuitous or challenging. In fact, once you commit to a path and are clear about your dream, that’s when the real journey begins.


Take these scenarios, for example:


Scenario 1 - Girl spends most of her days at a desk job she really doesn’t care for. By the time she comes home, she’s so spent that she can’t do anything but zone out to the TV, eat and sleep. Her dream to write her novel is pushed aside, again and again.


Scenario 2 - Girl negotiates a change in her work schedule and salary to allow her 5 extra hours a week to do her own writing. She ends up using these hours to do laundry, catch up with friends on Facebook, and organize her closet, until she is finally sitting there faced with a blank screen.


This second scenario can be a lot more difficult, actually - don’t you think?


It’s one thing to be up against a draining day job, it’s another thing to be faced with the reality that *you* are the only one stopping you and now you have to stop blaming outside circumstances and actually do the work.


I’d love to hear from you on this -


What’s currently stopping you (or not stopping you) from pursuing your dream or doing the work you truly want to be doing?

a. outside circumstances

b. your own fears

c. both


….Or have you already overcome what’s stopping you and have wisdom to share?


Share your responses in the comments below and be specific.


The more we “out” ourselves and our fears, the stronger we become in making the necessary bold moves.


Because even though the path might still be challenging, it’s the most rewarding when it’s truly the one we choose.


dancing up the hill,



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