let's dance into summer


A blade of grass doesn’t worry

if the blade beside it

is bigger or greener or thicker.


It just grows.


They grow together.

As do the trees.

The trees whose canopy

keeps us cool and safe.


Green solid support beneath

Blue sky dreams above

Fellow blades of grass on all sides.


Let's dance into summer.



No offense, but I was getting kind of tired of talking to you about why you should follow your dreams. So I laid on the grass instead and was inspired to write a poem and make a dance video.


I share it with you today on the first day of summer, the solstice, the day with the most light.

Reminding us to be lighter, to not be so hard on ourselves.


It's time to shine, creative one.


And like those blades of grass, you needn't be worried about outshining or being dimmed by your friend's light. We're all in this together.


Take a moment during this precious time and dance in the sun or under the light of the moon.


Take a photo. Record a song. Film a dance.


Share it here in the comment box below.


You create your reality, so why not make it into art.


somewhere between the sun and the moon,