live your story

“Meaning only comes when people feel they are living the symbolic life, that they are actors in the divine drama.”

- Carl Jung


What’s your story, creative one?


What is the inner quest that you’ve been working through, or the outer trek you’ve been climbing?


What meaning is it giving you?


You may or may not be writing a screenplay right now, but I can imagine that you are on a journey of your own making, creating a story as you go along.


I think you can be an artist, even if you’re not currently working on projects or studying a craft. I think it’s about the way you perceive your life experience. Every moment is fodder for the epic story of your life.


So just a brief thought to suggest this week -


Live as if you are an artist every day.

Take notes on your life. Be the brave protagonist who ventures to new lands or quietly uncovers the inner terrain.


If you happen to be in a difficult chapter, know that you can keep turning the page.


If you don’t like the current setting, know that you can move through it into a new one.


And most importantly, know that your story interweaves with a greater human journey we are all part of. You’re never alone.


There's a blank page in the comment box below if you feel moved to share an excerpt...

Where are you in your journey? 

Are you in an artistic process, a life process, or both? 

I'd love to hear.


with you,