what me and Abbey from Dance Moms have in common

Watching the Lifetime network with my mom during Christmas week is something I've come to love. Especially when I discovered - during a commercial break from Bride Wars - that Abbey, the drill-sergeant-like dance coach from the reality show Dance Moms, has something in common with me: a love of Flashdance. And a sense of humor.

Now before I share a video with you, I have to say that I only saw Dance Moms once a few months ago. But it prompted me to post a Facebook rant about how effed-up the dance world can be for young, impressionable dancers who too often learn to hate their bodies and themselves for the sake of unrealistic ideals, overbearing teachers, and a highly competitive environment, all of which take away the love, passion, and meaning behind it all.

I'll spare you the rant again (oops, did I already kind of throw it in there?) and instead share with you the kind of amazing commercial I caught on Lifetime.

Will you join me on January 1st in watching this episode and report back what you think?

If nothing else it will fuel the fire for the amazing Flashdance experience that's coming to you live in Brooklyn on January 6th!

And one more thing - what Abbey and I don't have in common is our teaching styles. So don't be scared of me, ok?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmWW7XNlMNA]


Get your legwarmers ready and join me on January 6th for the kick-off of an amazing experience:

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