when to move and when to pause?

 Always keep moving?


That seems to be a motto I live by. Movement, especially through dance, is something that has helped me through so much in my life.


But what about stillness? What about the moments of pause?


Although uncomfortable, I’m learning that those are just as important.


So this week, let’s take a pause from creating something brand new, and instead, catch up with yourself.


Here are some things I’ve written recently that might be timely to read or re-read:


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And if you do get the itch to move, take a moment to catch up on the Daily Dance Breaks I’ve been broadcasting.


And tell me below -

What's your relationship to movement and pausing like? Which comes easier? 


Read on below for an inspiring story about a woman who has reclaimed herself as an artist after 15 years, all while dancing through the challenges.


to the movements and the pause,


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Client Showcase: Christina Smith

on reclaiming herself as a painter after 15 years

In Christina's words....

christinasmithBefore starting the TAP program I was struggling to find creativity (and specifically, make paintings) in the crazy hectic life of being mom of two young boys. I had quit my job teaching elementary school a few years back and was ready to get back to creating art, and was not sure how to just... start. And that is what you do. Just start. Make yourself a little corner of space and time. I work around kids napping and letting them watch an afternoon cartoon on PBS. I do babysitting trades with friends with kids and sometimes hire a babysitter.


One thing that I have learned working with Jess, is that I am creating in my every day. Even if it doesn't always happen because I'm too tired or cranky. I am able to appreciate what I am able to do, even if it doesn't look the way that I thought it should. Sometimes my creativity is allowing presence into everyday things like working in the garden, slow hikes looking at every bug along the way, or playing hide and seek. It's not always a painting and that's okay! I have made space for creativity and most importantly, appreciation of the creativity that is already there.


I have realized that a good place to start was on paintings I painted 15 years ago in art school that I am now going back into, changing, and re-creating. I have 3 or 4 that have never felt fully finished so that has been my starting point to just getting the paintbrush to canvas. After being on vacation and visiting my family in the great plains of the north, as well as a trip to the beautiful mountains around Crested Butte, Colorado, I have become inspired by landscape.

I worked on a painting of a beautiful pregnant woman for the past few months to show for the showcase. I started many drawings and one especially that I was set on making work... We talk about that in the recording, how I agonized over the details until I realized that I just needed a fresh start. I let go of the idea that it is going to go a certain way and move forward. Keep moving. Keep showing up.

As I continue to dance through life, I realize that I have the rest of my life to continue painting and hone my skill as a painter. Movement keeps me from getting stagnant. Not that it doesn't happen, but when I move and dance, it helps me through the difficult times and back to forward momentum.