why the world needs you to be selfish

i want to hear from you Are you selfish?

Or have you ever felt selfish for wanting to do what you love?

If so, I can relate.

Allow me a brief interlude for a confession:

One of the reasons I chose to quit pursuing dance as a profession years ago was because it felt too selfish. I wanted to help people and didn’t see how my pirouetting around a studio for 6 hours or more a day was doing anything for anyone else.

But as I went on to “real school” nothing quite felt right as I experimented with psychology and sociology and other fields.

When I finally took a look at my own health issues and began to seek out ways to naturally heal, that was when I felt myself get lit up again and when I knew what my next step was.

As happy as I was as a holistic health coach, I also felt that something was missing: dance and creative expression.

So I began dancing again wherever I could: in my apartment, in the park, while walking down the street. Then I started recording myself and posting the videos to an anonymous YouTube channel which eventually evolved into what I now share as my dance blog

As scary as it was to put myself out there in this capacity, it also felt great and rewarding. I saw positive changes in my own health and livelihood, and I connected with people I hadn’t been in touch with in years, all telling me how inspiring it was to see me dancing again and how it prompted them to do something spontaneous.

So this confession is told for a reason:

The very thing that I thought was too selfish to do made it’s way back into my life and became healing for me and – I’m learning – helpful for others. It made me realize that we can’t dim down what we really love to do for the sake of helping others, because it just doesn’t work that way.

Some might object and say that if we all left our “real” jobs to become artists and rockstars the world would fall apart. Now I realize that not everyone is destined to go on tour with Lady Gaga or fly to the moon in this lifetime, but what I’m saying is that the more we take action to incorporate our dreams into who we are and what we do already, the more free we will feel and the more we can help to transform and heal the communities and organizations we’re already a part of.

There’s a natural order to everything, so let’s trust that the more genuine we are and the more “selfish” we are, the more in alignment we all will be with ourselves, each other, and the world at large. Your exhausting day job could be the perfect stepping stone for someone else, or it could be a guerilla operation waiting to happen. When you decide to evolve, your environment evolves with you.

To conclude, I’m happy to report that I’m a much happier, healthier holistic health coach than I was in the past because I chose to keep my own creative spirit alive. And what’s better – I get to incorporate it into the work I do with clients now, in using creativity as a powerful tool in healing and transformation.

So this week I have an invitation for you:


Choose to do something you love just for you, just as an experiment, and see what happens. (If dancing in the park speaks to you, go for it!)

I’d LOVE for you to share your selfishness with me, too –

I want to take the time to really get to know YOU and what you’d like to get from me (since after all, helping others is still a huge part of my being!), so I created a brief survey for you to share your ideas.

Share your ideas with me here!

And don’t be afraid to be selfish about saying what you want. It will only help lots and lots of people.

As a result of your feedback and responses, combined with something special I’ve been cooking up, I’ll have a new offering for you coming soon – so stay tuned!


To the glorious selfishness of you,


p.s. Did my personal story help you or provide insight into your own situation? I hope so. For a second I thought it might have been too selfish to share that much about myself, but something told me I needed to put it out there. Let me know below and don't forget to share more here. Go you.