a peek inside my journals + a prompt for you

IMG_016550599fToday's note can be boiled down to a simple phrase: Save your journals.

And as a prequel to that: Write things down. Often.


It can be easy to get down on yourself and think that you're not making progress. You might compare yourself to others or compare yourself to your mind's projection of where you "should" be. When the focus is outward, it will always feel like you're coming up short.

So stop that. Turn the focus inward.

I've been doing a lot of backtracking through my journals lately and it's fascinating to see the inklings of hopes and dreams, jotted down years ago, actually coming to fruition now. It's also amazing to see how much time and energy I spent complaining and feeling stuck in situations that no longer are a reality. I'm being reminded that I have come a long way. And that I will continue to evolve. And that it's pretty cool to just be where I'm at right now.

Try it out for yourself.

And if you haven't saved your journals, try searching through old emails or call up an old friend.

Seek out clues from your past that will foster gratitude for your present, and maybe even reignite some old creative flames.

And one note: It's important that you go into this exercise from a place of curiosity and openness. If you look for proof that you suck, you'll probably find it. But if you look for proof that you're pretty friggin amazing, you'll find that and more.

For inspiration, here's a brief look inside some of my old journals. And if you dare, I encourage you to share some of yours in the comment box below!



June of 2009:

"redivivus" must have been the word of the day that I jotted down.

My revelation was that the 4 things I'm meant to do are:

Dance, Write, Travel, Heal

One of the projects listed is a book or performance about Aunt Marianne.







February of 2012:

3 thought bubbles: Creative Fridays, Jess Dances, Aunt Marianne's Story

followed by the question: "How do they fit together?"

I'm still figuring out that question, but it's not a coincidence that Aunt Marianne has shown up repeatedly, and continues to do so - as in the recent BAM essay.


February of 2013:

Note to self --> continue seeking, continue writing letters to Aunt M., make even more space for dancing, writing, traveling, and healing.




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