why you should plan things halfway

photo_2_82298d I halfway believe in planning.

There. I said it.

This might sound crazy from someone who deems herself a coach and has a business to run and a life to lead like we all do, but it's the truth.

It's not that I don't plan. In fact, I do quite a bit. I sometimes agonize over it: over-planning, over-thinking, writing to-do lists and weekly project maps, gazing at my Google Calendar just one more time to see the distribution of color categories...

And then when the time comes for the "plan" to take action, the "plan" becomes something else. It's just how it works. For me, anyway. How 'bout you?

In the past week:

  • a day in the city became a work-from-Brooklyn day
  • an early night to bed became a nostalgic voyage through old photos and letters
  • a Wednesday afternoon became a video shoot at CBS news (more on that later)
  • a MELT class became 3 girls sitting at a bar drinking beer
  • and an otherwise "regular" week became a campaign to gather support for a writing contest. (pssst - did you vote again today? ;)

I couldn't have planned any of this better.

So today I want to tell you: 

Absolutely make a plan for yourself for tomorrow, for this week, this month, this year, but just halfway. Leave the other half of you open and receptive to new plans, better plans, more exciting plans, miraculous plans, the perfect plans for you.

Trust that if you just get started with something, what's really meant to happen will reveal itself. 

You can envision a sculpture, but the clay only takes form as you warm it in your hands. 

Just as in art, as is life.


And I'm taking my own advice. Of course I have plans and visions for myself and what's ahead this year, but what's exciting me even more is that I have no friggin' clue as to what it will actually turn out like!

Are you excited about the unknown, too?

I want to know! Really I do!! Tell me in the box below. I know the unknown is not always an easy thing to contend with ;)

And if you're around tonight, join me in Brooklyn for the first Creative Fridays Workshop of 2013! We will do a good amount of halfway planning and a good amount of the other things you'll need to feel thrilled and inspired by the potential magic that's waiting inside of you.

I'm feeling the need to use lots of exclamation points this week!!!!

That's how excited I am.

do your thing and be amazed!