small things

Do you keep a mini notebook in your pocket or handbag?

I'll tell you why I ask in a moment.

Today is Friday, as you know, and keeping in line with my mission to make Fridays the most creative-focused day of the week, I'm searching for inspiration and feeling a bit fearful it isn't there. You know those weeks where everything happens at once in work and life and it feels like you don't even have time to pee? Well I felt that this week, and maybe you did too.

Either way, today is a call to slow down and be on the receiving end of the creative cycle.

If you're feeling run-down, don't push yourself to produce anything. Instead, give yourself a break and take the time to review. I'll share with you one of my practices of doing so now.

Enter: the pocket notebook.

When I'm feeling creatively tapped out, I like to read through old journals or notebooks and mine for nuggets of gold. I find my pocket notebook to be especially great for this purpose. It's so small that I can only really write down basic thoughts or ideas, and it's always with me so it does a good job of recording the things I might not think of by the time I'm home at night.

Keep one with you at all times and when you find yourself in odd moments of pause while on the subway or waiting on a line, take it out and write whatever you're thinking.

Here's an example of something I found recently:

Translated: The drive to create is... survival. Luca makes Legos. Maria makes dances. Sofia makes princess costumes.

I'm talking about my little cousins. That was written on the train ride home from a Halloween party in New Jersey.

It takes me back to simplicity and that feeling of possibility I get when spending time with them. These kids have major things going on in their family life, and their drive to create is so strong. I just don't think it's a coincidence.

I saw Luca this past weekend and told him that I started a new thing called "Creative Fridays" and it was kind of like art class for adults who forgot how to make projects. He totally got it, and later told his other cousin Maria (after she asked me if I go to church anymore), "Jessie teaches art classes every Friday." So I'm back in a place where I'm connected to my purpose and once again know why I'm doing this. All it took was a 3-inch notebook.