the answer to feeling low or lost

My latest trusty tool is a deck of “Ask Your Guides” cards. Ask any question and then pick a card. It’s like a more sophisticated version of the Magic Eight Ball.


There’s a line between becoming dependent on something like this - i.e. consulting the cards every time you have to make a simple decision - versus utilizing them to help you get more in touch with what you already know. I intend for the latter.


They’ve been pretty spot-on in recent moments of self-reflection, as well as moments with clients and friends who were feeling low or lost in their process.


The other day a friend and I asked how we would deal with losing someone we loved.


The card we picked: Creativity.


Of course.




There is so much we have no control over.


There is so much mystery and sadness in this crazy life.


And there is so much truth expressed in a simple song or dance or painting.


Everyone has their own way of coping through life. My theory is that you might as well create something of your own in the process.


Pick a card. Then make something with it.

In honor of this theme and of my dad's birthday today, here's a little flashback for you:

Find a way to dance wherever you are, and if you're not sure what to do, just ask.


to the truth already in you,


p.s. Have you used creativity to cope with a serious issue? Tell me in the comments below!