the new moon & your creativity

moon ladyI’m no astrologer, but I do love the moon and the stars and I appreciate the ways in which life can match up to them.


Today happens to be a New Moon, the time of month when you can’t see the moon in the sky. It signifies new beginnings, fresh intentions, and planting seeds of what’s to come.


Before the newness can enter, however, we need to let go of any crap that’s in the way. Some months it might be physical things blocking our path, and other times it might be emotional baggage that’s in the way. Taking cues from my dear friend Chris Maddox and her wild wisdom, this particular new moon calls us to look at our emotional life. I recommend you check out her New Moon Report here for more details and some journaling exercise you can do.


What does this have to do with your creativity?


Well in case you haven’t heard me talk about it before, your creativity is cyclical, just like the moon is. If you’ve been feeling blocked or not quite sure how to move forward with projects, it probably means you should stop pushing.


Instead of forcing the flow, pay attention to the obstructions that are blocking it. Doing work there might not always be fun, but once you clear it all up, you’ll be flowing freely in your creative energy.


Here are some resources I’ve written that can help if you’re in that stuck place:


3 Steps to Overcome Creative Obstacles


The Question to Ask When You’re Feeling Out of Sorts


How to Start a Blog (or any new project)


Check out what’s most relevant to you, and don’t just read them - take action with them!


Once you do so, drop me a note in the comments below and share your intentions for today’s new moon.


What new seeds are you planting?

What needs to get out of the way for that to happen?


I can’t wait to hear from you.


love and moondances,