the question to ask when you’re feeling out of sorts

questionThere will be days - or weeks - in which you just can’t seem to get it together. Your mood is flat-lining and your creative drive is like an empty tank of gas. Not moving.


Being the creative person you are who thrives on being active, this probably pisses you off. You probably spend more time getting frustrated and angry at the fact that you’re not inspired to do anything, that you just make it worse. Frowny face in place, you think and over-think and continue to feel out of sorts.


There’s got to be a better way, creative one!


Here’s what I came up with the other night when i was feeling this way:


Go for a walk and bring your notebook and a pen with you.

When you arrive at a spot that feels suitable to sit down in, get your notebook out and write down this question:


What’s real for me right now?


Then write out the facts about what feels real to you.


For example:

I’m in LA. I feel a bit down and lost. Maybe it’s my luteal phase. I don’t feel quite satisfied. But sometimes I do…


Keep writing until you run out of things.

Then, when you feel complete, continuing walking and wandering or make your way back home.


That’s it. Simple.


See what comes up. Be open to surprises or insights. Be open to the fact that it just might feel good to get things out of your head.


If you happen to be feeling out of sorts this week, I encourage you try this out and report back in the comments below.


Tell me: what’s real for YOU right now?


I can’t wait to hear.

in all realness,


p.s. the obvious other solution to this problem is simply dancing it out. (Duh. I should've mentioned that sooner!) If you're looking for some motivation and guidance to dance through stuff, I really hope to see you over at Dance Into A New PhaseClick through here to sign up and get started!