this is about your fire.

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We’re at a very special and tender time of year - the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox.


It is the reminder, the promise, that winter will transition to spring.

It is the time when we get to see a hint of what’s to grow when spring does arrive.

It’s why Groundhog Day happens now.

It’s why people back in the ancient times would light candles to honor the moment.


And it’s why I’m suggesting this today:


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Tend to your inner fire, the passion inside of you, no matter how big or small it is.

There’s no need to create a bonfire. Yet.

There’s no need for a fireworks show. Yet.

(Well, Katy Perry might beg to differ.)


Allow your flame to blossom in its own time, and to get stronger and more fiery with every passing moment.


If you’re not liking the direction it’s leaning toward, blow it out and start anew.


You’ve got the power to make any changes you want, or to keep going in the direction you’ve been growing towards.


What's your flame telling you? 

After you take a few moments to check in with yourself - maybe even light a candle to help you focus! - I encourage you to share your process in the comment box below. Saying things out loud has a profound impact ;)


And here’s a resource I thought would further light you up:


photo courtesy of Wild Woman Project

The Wild Woman Project: Your Divine Spark, Tending to Your Inner Fire


My amazing friend Chris is a moon sister and someone who I think you’ll love. Her article this week is all about your inner fire: how to keep the flame in balance for those who are naturally fiery, how to cultivate more of it for those who tend to hold back, and why all this matters right now.


Read it here.




livin’ in a world and it’s on fire,