what I sold on the street (and why it's valuable for you)

feathers on the boardwalkIn last week’s post, I told you about the time I made hair feathers in the midst of a family vacation. It’s a true story. Part two is this: I sat on the boardwalk for hours with my creations on display and a sign that read, “HAIR FEATHERS, $10.” I sold one and was beyond thrilled. Not because it was a huge amount of money, but because it was the first time in a long time that I had received money directly for something I created. In effect, I created the additional cash that was in my wallet. At the time, I was in a really stuck place with my income (i.e. not having enough coming in) and was trying to figure out how to improve my financial situation. I read books, spoke to experts, brainstormed with friends, but couldn't seem to find a solution. And then I opened up shop for my hair feathers and something shifted. The actual experience of selling something of my own was my biggest teacher and motivator. And although I didn't go on to start an actual business with hair feathers, it revived the entrepreneurial seed in my soul that has evolved into new ventures.

So why am I sharing this story?

Well, mostly because I want you to have that same experience of receiving compensation from your creative work. I want you to hone in on the deep value and purpose of your work so much so that you open up to receiving more than you ever imagined was possible. Not out of greed, but out of love and generosity. Because the more you have, the more you can give.

So your mission on this summer Friday is:

Take one step towards owning your value and opening your creative doors to receiving compensation.

Here are some examples:

  • Write I AM VALUABLE on your bathroom mirror and your bedroom wall and say it aloud every time you see it.
  • Think back to your childhood and connect with old creative pastimes or business ventures you wanted to start.
  • Try selling something (legal) on the street.
  • Infuse your “day job” with your creative flair in some small – or big – way.
  • Ask for a raise.
  • Create a financial goal for yourself.
  • Read up on money. A few books that wowed me: The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, Spiritual Selling by Joe Nunziata, Creating True Prosperity by Shakti Gawain.
  • Join me next Friday (details on the workshop are here)
  • And tell me in the box below –

What step are you taking? What other ideas and resources do you want to share?

Do you have a creative business you want us to know about?

Tell us!

Go forth and prosper, creative one!

And let’s high-five each other when you tell me about all the magic you make.

Standing for your worth,