when you feel too shy to let it out

halloweenI took my 8 year old godson to his school Halloween party last Sunday, as it’s been our tradition for the past 4 years.  

I could tell he’s getting older because it was the first year he spent most of his time running around with friends, rather than standing by my side doing art projects.


Since I wasn’t doing much but wandering around the gymnasium, I went up to the DJ and offered to teach Thriller to the kids. He gladly accepted and within 10 minutes I was leading a crew of young ones in Michael Jackson zombie dance moves.


That was cool, but the crux of the story is what my godson said to me afterwards, still dressed in his Harry Potter costume:


“My friends didn’t believe you were my godmother.”


“Why is that?” I asked, really curious.


“Because I’m so shy and you’re not.”


I told him he wouldn’t believe how shy I was when I was younger, and that things like that can change as you get older, although there is nothing wrong with being shy.


Whether or not anything I said resonated with him, it did make me reflect on the process of growth that we can go through as humans (or humans disguised as zombie dancers).

Flashbacks came to me of sitting in the corner of a crowded hallway, eating a sandwich alone, while other dancers talked and laughed as they shared lunch. That feeling of words bubbling up in my chest, but not having the courage to even say “Hello” out loud to my classmate.


I can still feel the anguish of my 12-year-old self looking at the other girls with awe and intimidation. There was “them” and “me.” I didn’t know how to break the barrier.


From that perspective, it is hard to believe that I am doing what I’m doing now: Talking to strangers, speaking and dancing in front of groups, and encouraging people to come out of their shells. It’s been a long journey - too long to explain in detail here - but there were a lot of small steps and peeling away of layers that I realized I didn’t need.


So, creative one, on this day after Halloween, I encourage you to peek below the costume you might be wearing and ask yourself:


Is there a place in your life that’s feeling too shy for it’s own good?

Where are you keeping yourself isolated when you’d rather engage with the group?

What is bubbling up in your heart that feels too scary to say aloud?

I can assure you you’re not alone in this, and that the vision you have for yourself is possible.


One of my greatest joys has been facilitating and witnessing people coming out of their shells and stepping into more expressed, more authentic versions of themselves. Sometimes it happens quickly throughout the evening of a group workshop or dance class, and sometimes it’s longer as in the 6-month coaching program I lead.


As 2013 comes to a close, I want you to know I’m here for you. Especially if you feel like you’re on the cusp of breaking out of old patterns, and even if you don’t yet have the words for it.


Your dreams matter, your body matters, your creative expression matters.

I know it's not always easy to stay connected and inspired, especially in the midst of stress, work, and difficult life transitions. I know this because I've been there. And what I've learned is that if you think creatively and express your truth, you will bring about the changes you dream of.


I’m cooking up a new program that is designed to facilitate this kind of transformation, providing the structure and support you need to fully take off into whatever dreams await.


If you’re feeling curious and excited about this opportunity and would like to explore the possibility of working together in a new way, get your name on this list. Later this month, I’ll be opening a limited number of spots for private phone consultations, which will get filled on a first-come first-served basis. To make sure you get one of the spots, get on the early bird list here.


Whether or not you end up moving forward with the program, what I am dedicated to is providing you with an experience of transformation and greater self-insight during the 30-minute conversation we have.


What will you discover, creative one?

Start the process here.

Let’s come out of the ground together and dance like zombies into this next phase.


thrilled to know you,


p.s. I only open this door a few times a year. Don’t wait til the next one. If you feel the itch, scratch it.