where you are versus where you want to be

Are you happy with how things are now?  

Not once your business gets more exposure, or when you land your dream job.

Not once you get discovered, or when your YouTube video gets a million hits.


I’m talking about now. Just as things are.


If you’re not happy, or if your happiness is contingent on that future deal, you best be checkin’ yourself this month.


Artists and creative people always want more, right? We want to enhance our skills, reach more people with our work, go deeper with our own processes. But if we’re not careful, that drive can rob us of the joy we’re meant to experience in the process.


I’ll be first to admit that I’ve gone to those future-driven places multiple times, because a certain dance video or event didn’t get the exposure I wanted or because no one “liked” my Facebook status. “It’s hopeless! No one cares! I should quit!” [Drama.] After a session with a few clients this week - you know who you are ;) - I know I’m not alone in these moments.


It’s easy to look at someone else’s 253 “likes” on a random status update and feel like we’re not doing enough. But I guarantee you that the person with the 253 “likes” is looking at someone else’s status feeling the same way. That mentality never ends, unless we stop it.


So stop it, ok?


Take a step back and get real with yourself. It’s your last chance before the busied nature of the fall season overtakes us. When September hits, you’ll want to be going deeper into your work and your joy -- not wishing you were doing something bigger.


So how do you find contentment with where you’re at and what you’re doing now?

Let the slowness of the month guide you to that place.

Tune out the rest of the world for a bit if you need to.

Get clarity.

Find peace.

Trust that if you’re doing what truly lights you up, the glow will only expand with time.


It’s ok to have drive - it’s healthy to have drive - but don’t let it carry you away until you forget how awesome you already are.


thumbs up,


p.s. Do you ever compare your Facebook status to others or wish you were you doing "bigger and better" things? Tell me how you feel in the comment box below!