who inspired the love of art in you? - Passport to BAM essay contest finalist

brooklyn_academy_of_music_logo_310x206_cI got an email around 4pm on Friday notifying me that the essay I submitted to the Passort to BAM contest got selected as 1 of 10 finalists. (For those of you not in the nyc area, BAM is the Brooklyn Academy of Music - one of the most amazing art centers for theater, dance, film, opera, and more.)

I had a freak-out moment, squealing and jumping around my apartment in shock and excitement.


Really? They picked me?


I'm not only excited at the opportunity to win something cool and memorable, but more importantly I'm amazed at the power of intentions, hard work, and divine timing. If you read my post 2 days ago, you'll remember me encouraging you to just put yourself out there because you never know what opportunities will show up. This contest was not directly related to anything I may have done on Friday, but I had been consistently putting myself out there and - BAM! - it hit me. (excuse the pun ;)


So don't forget, something will hit you, too. Just don't be shy to put yourself out there, and don't wait for permission from anyone else.


If you can take a moment to read the short essay, you'll learn a bit more about the story of my Aunt Marianne, one of my biggest artistic influences, in response to the question, "Who ignited the love of art in you?"


It would mean the world to me if you'd click through, read, and cast your vote. We have from now until Friday the 18th to get the votes in, which are allowed once per day.


(Let me know if you vote and if you can repost the link to your community. I'll be giving special gifts to those who spread the love!)


I'll leave you with a dance video I made last year that I dedicated to Aunt Marianne. This goes out to you and her and all the seekers, artists, and dreamers who search for meaning and choose their own way:

I'm so grateful you're here.


p.s. Who ignited the love of art in YOU? Share with us below!

p.s.s. UPDATE: I won!! So honored and excited!

this video might have been what pushed the voting over the edge ;)