why flying away and settling in are kinda the same thing

incan lundar calendar This picture was sent to me by my friend and former roommate Sarah last Friday.

It’s an Incan lunar calendar she saw while in Ecuador, and there’s a story behind why I’m sharing it.

We spent last July through January as roommates here in Brooklyn, cocooning together during a time of transition and uncertainty in many areas of our lives. Listening to classes and meditations from Rick Jarow’s “Anti-Career Guide” was a frequent event in our home and provided a sense of grounding and guidance for each of us. ("Wanna do Rick tonight, Sarah?" - could be totally misinterpreted from an outsider ;)

There must have been a deep inner process going on for us because by January, Sarah decided to quit her job and move to South America to follow her heart. I chose to settle into my home here to follow mine. (Sometimes committing to what you already have can be just as big a leap as leaving everything.)

I received occasional notes from her over the past few months, along with dance videos taken with the locals and one that Sarah herself made in the trees of a jungle. (see below!)

All the while, life carried on here in New York for me, and Creative Fridays was born and grew as I deepened my home life and relationship in a way I never had before in all of my years.

As Sarah returns to Brooklyn this week to explore her next direction, I’m reminded of the fact that this cyclical process of taking off and returning home is a natural part of life and the creative process. And although I didn’t actually go anywhere, I too feel the sense of returning home and standing before an open door, wondering where it will take me next.

I know you’ve been in your own process, too, over these past few months or year, maybe longer. Perhaps you’re now coming back home to yourself or feeling the first hints of freedom in graduating, moving, breaking up, settling in, or opening new doors.

Wherever you are, remember this: You are in the right place. Trust yourself and trust the moon and stars around you who are holding you and guiding you in a way you might not even realize.

Having just had the full moon and lunar eclipse earlier this week, the next couple of weeks leading up to the new moon on June 19th will be about letting go and clearing out anything else that might be blocking you before you can begin anew. Use it as a time of inner assessment and a final spring cleaning, and trust that clarity will arrive. Find your own lunar calendar to hang on your wall (I know the holey rock pictured above might not be it for you) and start paying attention to what she tells you.

So tell me about you:

Are you ready to take off in a new direction or do you feel yourself coming home?

What are you ready to let go of before doing either?

Please share with us below. There’s so much power in sharing and stories – what you write will inspire another, guaranteed.

I’ll leave you this week with the video of Sarah dancing in the jungle in hopes that it inspires you to dance through your next phase, whether it be miles away or right where you are.

I believe in you.


P.S. to all the NYC locals – hope to see you next Friday the 15th where we can let go and prepare to take flight together! Register here!