why procrastination is useful

Do you ever procrastinate?

I do.

It’s now Wednesday and I’m sending out the Creative Fridays email I meant to do last Friday.I had wanted to write about the full moon and the workshop I’m leading this Friday the 13th. But I didn’t do it.

Why not? It was a combination of fears coming up and that inner-critical voice in my head saying things like:

    “Why did I decide to do this anyway?”     “I should probably just cancel the workshop because no one cares about it.”      “Maybe I should just get a ‘real’ job.”

Even though I knew there were deep and passionate reasons for why I do what I do, I let my mind and my fears get the best of me.

But sometimes that’s ok. It’s part of the process.

What I learned is that creative impulses will prevail. Even when you feel like a failure, Even when you feel like hiding, Even when you think no one is listening or watching or caring about you,

You will be surprised. You will be inspired. That serendipitous moment will reveal itself to you, and you will say, “YES.”

It happened to me at 11pm on Friday night. When I was feeling frustrated at myself for not writing or dancing on the day I most wanted to, when I felt like a traitor to my Creative Fridays community, a man sitting next to me on the subway struck up a conversation and the next thing I knew, this was happening:


Sometimes procrastination is useful. It conserves your creative energy and prepares you to make magic happen at the right time. It might even get you a little angry, which is excellent juice for passionate creation.


What's your relationship to procrastination? Tell me in the comments below!

To trusting the cycles, jess