why you shouldn't do it alone

There were many versions of today's note that have been mulling around in my mind, but when I boil it down to the essence, it's this: If you feel yourself getting all tripped up, Ask for support. 

Support is like a ring - when you give it out, it will come back to you in another form, as long as you stay open to it.

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This week I've:

  • walked with 2 important men on my arms who, because of physical disabilities, needed support.
  • helped a friend prep for a difficult conversation
  • guided my clients to making crucial changes in their lives
  • cooked a meal for me and my love

I've also:

  • received guidance from my coach
  • received a beautiful lunch and important words of wisdom from my mentor
  • taken an amazing yoga class
  • received supportive notes from a few of you

I wasn't tallying them up as they happened, but rather allowed the opportunities to come up naturally.

Where in your life could you use or give more support? 

Share with me here.

Don't think you have to do it alone. In fact, it's rare that anyone's success and growth happens as a solo show.  (click to tweet)

In honor of today's message, I have a few extra bonuses to share with you that all involve "rings of support:"

  1. Next week is our next Creative Fridays workshop, in my opinion an awesome way to receive support - so don't forget to sign up if you're coming
  2. There are also 2 events coming up, led by a trusted colleague and friend of mine, Natalie Berthold, which I think you should know about: "All the Single Ladies" event for breaking relationship patterns that are keeping you single, plus a women's retreat in the first week of November. Read more about them here.

And if you're not convinced, watch our spoof on the Single Ladies dance video - I think you'll love Natalie's sense of humor and message as much as I do ;)

[dancing starts at 00:18 seconds]


your dancing partner, jess