why your creativity matters

A client once told me that she didn’t know why her dancing mattered. The main reason why she came to me in the first place was to find a way out of her current job situation and to start dancing again on the side. But her rational mind was very active in that first session – “What difference is my dancing making in the world? What impact am I making on anyone else?”  

I asked her if she ever heard a song that got to her heart strings and drew up emotions that made her feel either not so alone in her sadness or able to recall a happier time. “Yes I did.” And then I asked her, “What if that artist shut down her own impulse to make that song because she didn’t know if it mattered and didn’t know if anyone would hear it and like it?”


It clicked for her.

And if it didn’t yet click for you, let me say it this way:


You might not know what kind of direct impact your creative expression will have, but that doesn’t mean you should shut it down. If the impulse is there, let it out of you! It’s not up to you to decide who it will impact. It’s up to you to honor the calling. Imagine a little girl watching you dance, feeling her own dreams come alive through your movement. To you the dancing might feel silly or frivolous; to her it is priceless.


So let go of control and rationality. Creativity works in mysterious ways and part of the adventure is discovering how it will evolve and who it will touch. Even if no one in the world ever sees/hears/experiences your creative moment, it’s transforming something in you. That is not only healing in itself, but it’s exuding positive vibrations into the world around you.  It’s bound to make some kind of impact.


So what do you think? Why does creativity matter to YOU?


Take a moment write down your “BIG WHY”

Why are you driven to create? What motivates you to want to express yourself?


Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I can't wait to hear from you.


taking a stand for what matters,