windy inspiration

Today, February 2nd a.k.a. Groundhog Day, marks the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. It’s an inbetween moment. You might be in the middle of transitions and feeling the gusts of change sweeping through your life. (I know I am!)Our creative selves are emerging from the darker, more inward time of winter, and we might start to get clarity about the new ideas and projects we’d like to start this spring. As exciting as this might be, it’s important not to push it by trying to do too much at once. Take your cue from mother nature, and allow the windy mid-winter weather help you do some clearing.

Your creative prompt for this Friday is to:

Let the wind brush away something that is taking up too much space and draining your energy.

Throw out that dusty old coat rack you’ve been to fix up. Donate old clothing and books. Say NO to things you really don’t want to do. Stop having the coffee/sugar/alcohol/etc. that you know is hurting your body. Sweat it out: in a sauna, in yoga, in bed.

If we don’t make space, how can we expect inspiration to find us? Creativity is much more than production value. Allow yourself to get out of “doing” mode, exhale fully, and bask in the space you've created.

How will you let go this week? What's your relationship to creating space vs. producing results? Please share!

To your wide open spaces, jess