wisdom from the 24-hour flu bug

my couch Every year around this time in March, I get sick. This time, thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as last year’s 3-day bed/toilet-ridden adventure. (It was a throat thing combined with that achy, tired feeling that makes you want to sleep all day.)

I’m telling you this not to gross you out but to share with you some of the clarity that doing (almost) nothing for 24 hours has brought me.

As someone who is always looking to grow as an artist, as a professional, and as a person, I sometimes get impatient when things don’t happen fast enough. Can you relate?

But then I’m humbled by my body, by the fact that I have a human body that needs a break sometimes and can’t always keep up with the pace of my mind. Getting sick reminds me that maybe, just maybe, if I can surrender to the direction that my body is telling me to go in (as in this week’s horizontal focus) then things will manifest naturally and I can stop pushing so hard.

One of my horizontal activities this week was watching Amy Tan’s TED Talk on creativity. What stood out most for me was when she told us about losing her brother and father to brain tumors within the same year as a young girl. She said that the experience of facing death so blatantly fostered inside her the need to create as a form of survival.

So while spring is the season of rebirth and growth, we can’t forget that it’s also the season of death. And we need death in order for birth (creativity) to happen. We can also, like Amy, use our experiences of death as mojo for bringing to life our deepest dreams and desires.

What is it that you’d like to birth in your life this year? What are you ready to begin (and end)? Share your thoughts below! And P.S. If you’d like to contemplate these questions further (and potentially get some answers) in a room full of supportive individuals on similar paths, join me on April 13th for a powerful workshop entitled Beginning in which we’ll get to dive deeper into all of this. See you soon!