before you think about going to another workshop...

By the time you read this, I’ll be in the midst of a 3-day seminar for holistic entrepreneurs. In two weeks from now I begin a 6-week class in “Storytelling.” You’ll find me at things like this often. Attending a variety of classes, workshops, and “herbal cream conferences” (as a dear friend of mine lovingly and jokingly calls the things I do) has become a part of my lifestyle.


I love learning, I love meeting new people, I love environments where my creative energy is activated and inspired to develop. Plus, the more I invest in myself and my creative energy, the more I can help others.

But sometimes I worry if  I’m taking too many classes. Am I becoming addicted? Am I an overzealous workshop groupie?!?   [insert picture of The Scream face here]

Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But I mention it here with you because I recognize that as people wanting to infuse more creativity into our lives, we are at risk for falling into the trap of taking so many classes that we never take action – or maybe even the other extreme of resisting so much that we never take anything new.

Where are you on this continuum?

Would you consider yourself more of a “workshop groupie” or a “workshop celibate”?

As you can probably guess, I’m all for encouraging you to step out of your shell and try new things, as I think we all could use a little more of that in our lives. But if you find yourself hiding behind classes, not trusting yourself, or not taking the real action you want to take, then you might need a break.

If you need help assessing:

  • First, look at what you already do, who you already are. What are your natural talents and skills?
  • Then think about where you’re going. What direction are you pointing towards and what kind of goals do you have for yourself?
  • From here you can assess the best workshop route to take: If you’re not sure about your goals or where you want to go next, experiment. Take a random class such as pottery, or take a class on finding your purpose. Return to old journals and call up friends from your childhood to be reminded of what you really love and who you really are. If you have clear goals, then start researching the kinds of skills you’d like to develop and the kind of people you’d like to meet to bring you closer to them. Let that be your guide in finding the appropriate classes, but I’d still recommend connecting with yourself first to see if what you’re searching for is not actually already in you.
  • Bottom Line: BE YOU and the right opportunities will present themselves.

After all this, I think it’s safe to say I am a workshop groupie, but for good reasons. I care deeply about the healing of our people and our planet and I recognize that the healing has to start with me.  Also, being on the teaching side of the workshop circuit, the practice I’ve had allows me to naturally preach ;)

So I want to hear from you now –

What’s your workshop status? (groupie/celibate/inbetween)

What skills are you looking to develop and what people are you looking to meet?

What classes or workshops would you recommend to others?

Please share your stuff below!        

I’ll also leave my own list of favorite classes and workshops in the comment box as well, and I invite you to join me next week where we can be all workshoppy together.

To being yourself,