you might not like this one

There's work to be done and you know it. Not the typical kind of "work" you're used to -- that daily-grind, show-up-on-time, complete-your-tasks sort of thing.

The work I'm talking about happens deep inside of you. It's the labor that facilitates everything you want to create in your life. Because creating isn't work. Unblocking the crap that's in your way is the real work.

The fall season is perfect for this kind of energy, as it's a natural time of letting go. I don't know about you, but I really felt the transition happening this week. Phew.

So I encourage you to be gentle with yourself these days. Mourn the end of summer. Make collages with old magazines. (see picture above ;) Cry. Call friends. Watch tv in bed. Walk through the park.

Rather that forcing yourself into creative production mode, do the inner work of clearing your space and putting structure in place that will support your efforts moving forward.

Do you know how you will attend to the labor of your creative soul this fall?

I invite you to discover it with me -

At next Friday's workshop, and also on the good old internet.

Share your thoughts with me here. In that box below. It's waiting for you to fill it.

breathing with you, jess