Daily Dance Breaks Special Elite.png

february 19-23, 2018

a 5-day invitation
to get your body moving + your spirit renewed


Ya know what’s saved me a thousand times?
(from the heaviness of life, the creative blocks, the general disconnect or discontent…)

dance breaks.

(n) the act of taking a break from what you’re doing to dance it out.


Whether you’ve been needing a break from your routine, feeling too stuck in your head, not moving your body as much as you’d like to, wanting to feel freer, or any/all of the above, I invite you to join me.

For 5 days in a row, I’ll be sending out a daily dance prompt to give you some structure and guidance with your daily dance practice at home. I’ll also be going on Facebook Live everyday at 12:30pm EST to guide you through a live version of the prompt.


The point of this “challenge” is to:

  • Awaken your body’s wisdom (so that your mind quiets down and the answers you’ve been searching for start to be revealed organically)

  • Revive your creativity (so that you feel less force and more flow in your work, projects, business, relationships, and more)

  • Cultivate connection (with your own version of divinity/intuition and with a community of people who are on the same page and witnessing each other)

Join me and spread the word!