i dance, you dance, we dance.

on stage, at the studio,
in the street, and beyond.

Here's some of my recent work.


more dance work:


For the stage, my intention is to create relatable, narrative dance-comedy work with depth of meaning for the human experience, and themes of self-invention + discovery, women + sexuality, perseverance. 


the oa flashmob.

What started out as an idea amongst friends became a reality. We were obsessed with the Netflix show "The OA" and it's use of movement to open new dimensions, and thought, "What if we did these movements in real life?"


you can dance again showcase.

As part of my You Can Dance Again programming, I produce showcases annually that feature dancers who are choosing to dance again, in their own way.


the "dance with me" sign.

It started out in an airport layover as an experiment. What if I made a "dance with me" sign and see who joins? Now I take my sign with me to all kinds of public places, to create dances and connection anywhere. 



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do you dance, too?


YCDA provides unique programming, showcases, and retreats for people returning to dance - or just getting started. It’s for those who desire to dance and explore their creative-expression in a welcoming, noncompetitive environment that encourages collaboration, self-expression, and personal growth - in both the dance studio and in life. Check out our in-person and online dance experiences: