find your rhythm through transition.


This 6-week online program provides a holistic, creative approach to help you:

  • activate your body
  • revive your joy and creativity 
  • clarify your voice & bring your work into the world 

It’s conducted virtually so that you can join from anywhere in the world, and includes Jess’ intuitive, transformational coaching and dancing instruction to create movement – physically in your body, and in the necessary areas of your life.


this program is for you, if:

you are ready to...

  • stop hiding from your authentic self
  • start living in your body, moving in it, and opening up it’s creative force
  • get clarity on what you really want and how to make it possible
  • be empowered to take charge of your schedule, your space, and your life
  • be connected to a group of solid people, your new support squad
  • receive guided exercises, dances, and meditations to get you deeply connected to your body and your purpose
  • be surprised, motivated, challenged, and inspired!

what's in it for you:

Week 1  |  take up space

Are you keeping yourself small in literal or metaphorical ways? Do your home and work environments help you to feel good and spacious? Are you spending the time you need in nature/parks/openness? Make key shifts in your physical body and physical space that will help you step into the next phase with confidence.

Week 2  |  reclaim your time

Is your current schedule serving your needs and goals? Are you in the pattern of having not enough time, or too much time that you don’t know how to fill? Learn how best to prioritize what matters most, and set up systems to stay consistent.

Week 3  |  integrate

Rather than forging ahead or rushing into what’s next, you’ll learn the invaluable art of Integration and how to use it in your daily life, creative life, career, and relationships.

Week 4  |  access your desires

What do you crave more of? What do you want to let go of? What are you longing to create? Connect to your truest self and take ownership of the life you want to create. Get clarity on your desires and let them lead the way.

Week 5  |  unlock your creative voice

How often do you stop yourself from speaking or shining out of fear of what others will think? Where are you not showing your true colors? Unlock the lid that’s dimming your light and learn how to feel free to be you, which will ultimately inspire others around you to shine their unique light, too.

Week 6  |  take your stage

Where are you hiding or keeping yourself “backstage?” What have you been wanting to share with the world? Get inspired to take action by sharing a project you create. The act of being witnessed in your sharing will set the tone for other areas of your life that you’ve been holding back in.


here's what you get:

This 6-week online program includes:

  • 6 coaching classes on each of the weekly themes listed above (in mp3 audio format)
  • 6 do-at-home dance video classes on each of the weekly themes
  • the FYR workbook to guide you through taking action with the curriculum
  • the FYR music playlist, themed to flow with our weekly topics
  • bonus meditations, book recommendations, and additional resources

Plus these bonuses:

  • bonus group class: access to a members-only recorded video class with Jess. Get answers to the questions you’ve been asking, like: how to monetize your creativity, how to choose which passion to focus on when you have many, how to transition out of a job you hate, and how to get past the fear of judgment.
  • "Cut The Crap" 7-day Creativity Cleanse: if you’ve ever struggled with your health or  sugar/caffeine dependency and recognize that it’s been a block to your creative flow, this 7-day meal-plan and guided cleanse program is for you.

your investment:

6-week online course for

lifetime access


what people are saying:

The Find Your Rhythm program was a total game-changer for me. With Jess’ help, I transitioned from a soul-sucking position to the job of my dreams, from an unhealthy relationship with money to a rock-solid financial plan, and from very little physical activity to dancing and moving my body daily. After working with Jess, I also dropped 3 dress sizes and saw a 40%+ increase in attendance at the Irish dance classes I teach. If you’re thinking about taking the FYR journey, jump in with both feet!
— Kaitlyn Aliano
Jess helped me create space for myself and my goals, helped me to slow down and listen to and intuit what my body was telling me, and tune in to my natural rhythms in order to harness the most power out of my creativity. Her philosophy is one of gentleness and compassion towards one’s self and who could not use more of that? Especially us creative souls striving to contribute our gifts to the world in a way that enriches us all.
— Meghan Cleary

frequently asked questions.


Can you explain more about how it works? 

Yes. When you sign up, you get access to each of the 6 lessons and the bonuses. There’s also a members-only Facebook group you’ll be invited to that will connect you to other members and help support your journey. (I’ll be present and active on there, too!)

You’ll get a dance video class each week – 15-20 minutes in length – that fits with the theme we are learning and will help ground it all into your physical body. I recommend doing those dance classes right before you listen to the weekly coaching sessions, but you’re welcomed to do them anytime throughout week, or even multiple times if you choose.

The 6 weekly themes are listed above. By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be encouraged to share a project or a piece of a project with the group, so that there’s accountability for you to follow through and make something happen.

What if I can’t start it right away? 

No problem! You’ll have access to the material for life. You can start it when you’re ready, or return to the material anytime in the future when you need it.