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join a welcoming community of dance rebels who emphasize creativity and self-expression in the dance studio and beyond.

weekly classes:


you can dance again

Most Monday evenings at 6:30pm you’ll find me at Gibney Dance in NYC. These classes are a unique mix of modern, jazz, improv, and collaboration. It’s more than just a dance class; it’s a space where you can feel free to redefine dance and reclaim your expression - with a community who sees you and supports you for who you are. Email me to register:


ballet for dance rebels

I’ve been teaching adult beginner ballet classes for the last 5 years or so. It gives me a chance to teach an art form that I love in my own way, in a beautiful studio and with a community full of the most amazing people (who happen to laugh at my ballet jokes and sound effects and end up thinking ballet IS fun!).

Most Saturday mornings at 8:45am you’ll find me at Studio Maya in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This adult ballet class has a full barre and then a simple, beginner-level combination in the center to learn and repeat, all to beautiful classical ballet music. Check the schedule and register here.

Most Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm you’ll find me at Brooklyn Center Stage, in Gowanus/Park Slope. This adult ballet class is a little more rebellious in the sense that we’ll use contemporary music for our beginner-level combinations. I call it Contemporary-sih Ballet. Next series begins in September. Email me to register:


The amazing thing about the You Can Dance Again program is how it sparks creative growth that improves all areas of your life.

I feel like I am reclaiming parts of myself that I left behind when I abandoned dance years ago.

- Julie McAlinden


I’m learning so much more about myself than I ever thought I could and it's giving me the confidence to try and explore and create more.

I love the space Jess has created for us... It's not just about working on a dance, or the act of getting to dance again, it is so much more than that.

- Daniela Ramirez


Before starting YCDA, I struggled to find a dance class that resonated with me. I felt a bit lost and worried that there might not be a place for me.

YCDA has helped me to reawaken my own unique dance and open me up to new ways of movement.

- Marikit Catalano

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