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dance isn’t just about fancy moves.

it’s an expression of who you are.

and a vehicle for reinvention.

this is a space for that kind of dance…

…the kind of dance you don’t need to measure up to or audition for, but rather, the kind of dance that you can do on your terms, in your own way, in the body you have right now, no matter how long it’s been since you last took a class (even if it’s been never), with a community who sees you, supports you, and inspires you.

Our intention at You Can Dance Again is to create a safe space and an interconnected community where each person’s unique expression can encourage each other, and join forces to create collective change. If this is your jam, please read on and join us!


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weekly classes:

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Show up as you are and be guided through a dance experience that emphasizes, feeling, flow, and freedom. You’ll start with a structured warm up loosely based in jazz/ballet technique, and then be guided through free-form improvisational movement to help you access your unique rhythm and expression and create something with it.

Most Thursday evenings at 8:15pm you’ll find me at Breakin Boundaries in Greenpoint / Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check the schedule and register here.

ballet for dance rebels

I’ve been teaching adult beginner ballet classes for the last 5 years or so at Studio Maya which I love because it gives me a chance to teach an art form that I love in my own way, in a beautiful studio and with a community full of the most amazing people (who happen to laugh at my ballet jokes and sound effects and end up thinking ballet IS fun!).

Most Saturday mornings at 8:45am you’ll find me at Studio Maya in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This adult ballet class has a full barre and then a simple, beginner-level combination in the center to learn and repeat, all to beautiful classical ballet music. Check the schedule and register here.

Most Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm you’ll find me at Brooklyn Center Stage, in Gowanus/Park Slope. This adult ballet class is a little more rebellious in the sense that we’ll use contemporary music for our beginner-level combinations. Our next series begins May 1st and concludes with a theater performance!


The amazing thing about the You Can Dance Again program is how it sparks creative growth that improves all areas of your life.

I feel like I am reclaiming parts of myself that I left behind when I abandoned dance years ago.

- Julie McAlinden


I’m learning so much more about myself than I ever thought I could and it's giving me the confidence to try and explore and create more.

I love the space Jess has created for us... It's not just about working on a dance, or the act of getting to dance again, it is so much more than that.

- Daniela Ramirez


Before starting YCDA, I struggled to find a dance class that resonated with me. I felt a bit lost and worried that there might not be a place for me.

YCDA has helped me to reawaken my own unique dance and open me up to new ways of movement.

- Marikit Catalano

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