Dance Rebels' Revival Series: Collaborative Choreography + Theater Showcase (NYC starts 4/15)


Dance Rebels' Revival Series: Collaborative Choreography + Theater Showcase (NYC starts 4/15)


this 10-week series will get you dancing again, reconnected to the dance rebel spirit in you, AND performing on stage, as part of our annual theater showcase, The Dance Rebels’ Revival Show.

who it’s for:

Dancers and (re)emerging dancers with any level of experience who desire to be part of a dance community, collaborate creatively with others, allow their true expression to emerge, and create something you’ll get to share with people.

when and where:

Monday evenings April 15 - June 24 from 6:30pm - 8pm

Location near Union Square, NYC

Tech Rehearsal & Theater Showcase in NYC on June 27 & 28

who’s teaching:

Classes/rehearsals will be co-led by YCDA founder Jess Grippo, and YCDA Leaders Cate Prefontaine Hausmann, and Michelle Maso.

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Choose a 3-part payment plan of $199/month here

Email Jess to inquire about sliding scale artist/student/teacher payment plan options.

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our 2018 Dance Rebels Revival Show cast

our 2018 Dance Rebels Revival Show cast


whether you've been stuck in your head way too much, stuck in a soul-sucking grind of work and obligations that leaves no room for you, or coming out of a breakup or breakdown and missing the way your soul can be set free through dance, one thing's for sure:

dance is in you. 

The problem is, it doesn't always come out of you ;)

Let's face it - it's not always easy to find the right spaces to dance in, to make time for ourselves, to place value on something that isn't really valued in most of our modern society. 

That's why choosing to dance in your own way and bringing dance into your life consistently IS a rebellious act. 

it's a rebellious act that will make an impact:

  • on your energy and moods

  • on the way you show up at work and in relationships

  • on the collective shift we as a society are making

And that's exactly what we’re here to help you do. 

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You Can Dance Again (YCDA) provides unique programming for fellow “dance rebels” who want to break the mold and revive dance in their lives in an empowering, self-expressed way. Emphasizing personal growth in the studio and in life, our programs are for anyone who desires to dance authentically, wake up their creative soul, and access more of their feminine energy, confidence, and power... all in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Founded by women's health & creativity coach Jess Grippo, YCDA is based out of New York City but hosts online programs accessible from anywhere as well as retreats and workshops in other cities.