Dance Yourself Free: 6 weeks to revive your dance practice and get back to the confident, creative YOU

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dance yourself free (4).png

Dance Yourself Free: 6 weeks to revive your dance practice and get back to the confident, creative YOU

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whether you've been stuck in your head way too much, stuck in a soul-sucking grind of work and obligations that leaves no room for YOU, or coming out of a breakup or breakdown and missing the way your soul can be set free through dance, one thing's for sure:

dance is in you. 

The problem is, it doesn't always come out of you ;)

Let's face it - it's not always easy to find the right spaces to dance in, to make time for ourselves, to place value on something that isn't really valued in most of our modern society. 

That's why choosing to dance in your own way and bringing dance into your life consistently IS a rebellious act. 

It's a rebellious act that will make an impact:

  • on your energy and moods

  • on the way you show up at work and in relationships

  • on the collective shift we as a society are making

And that's exactly what I'm here to help you do. 

the program is designed to get you dancing consistently and authentically, which will:

  • Catalyze change in your work, relationships, and life, because you’ll be getting out of your head and breaking free of the mental patterns that have been keeping you stuck. You’ll be fulfilling a part of yourself that will enable you to show up as more whole in all your relationships.

  • Get your creative ideas into motion. Moving your body WILL get your creativity going - any type of creativity. Why? Because activating your physical body and releasing emotional stress will open up new neural pathways in your brain and boost endorphins that help you feel better and become more motivated to take action in other areas of your life.

  • Boost your confidence and self-expression. When you make space to explore your body and your expression in a safe space, it helps you break free of the fears and anxieties that have been holding you back. Going through this process AND having a group of compassionate eyes to witness you in the process will help you flourish and more freely be YOU in all areas of your life.


i'll help you do all of ^that and create your "dance rebel routine," a.k.a. the unique dance practice that works for YOU and your lifestyle and schedule, while creating a revolution in your life.

here’s what’s included:

  • Access to my private group coaching program

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching empowerment sessions and Q&A with me (on Wednesdays, but recorded if you can’t make it live)

  • Twice weekly 15 min dance breaks live on video with me to get you in your body and moving from wherever you are

  • Templates and Worksheets for self-discovery and practical planning

  • 1 Integration Week and 1 Bonus Week to ensure that the program unfolds at a pace that works for you and to leave room for addressing exactly what you need.

  • Connection to an online community of dance rebels who are supporting each other in creating a new paradigm of dance in our world

  • Direct access to me as your dance revival coach for 8 weeks (Including our Integration Week and Bonus Week)—including all my knowledge from helping clients start dancing in their own unique way, tailored to their unique schedule and lifestyle

  • My unwavering enthusiasm, support, & brain/body/dance-power to help you achieve your goals and get back to YOU

pay in full to get these bonuses:

dance prompts.png


Dance Prompt Library

I’m sharing the arsenal of my favorite dance prompts, developed over the years of facilitating classes and leading my own personal dance breaks. Perfect for those moments when you want to dance, but need a bit of motivation and guidance. ($97 value)



The Art of the Dance Video

In this 2-hour live group training class, I'm revealing all the secrets on how I create my DIY dance videos that make an impact.

Learn the technical basics of shooting and editing your own videos - no experience necessary! - and get inspired with artistic direction and guidance for turning your basic video into a work of art that you’re proud of. ($97 value)

optional add-on for NYC-based members

If part of your “dance rebel routine” includes the desire to connect more with a community in person, you’re invited to join our Monday evening classes in NYC. 10 weeks from Oct 15 - Dec 17, 2018, for an additional $200. Options for those “New to Dance” or “Dancing Again.” Email me for details/questions!

dance yourself free (4).png

get started now

Access this online program from ANYWHERE in the world. Connect to a community of fellow dance rebels. Get back your freedom, creativity, confidence, and YOU.

1 payment of $597


2 monthly payments of $300


You’ll Learn + Live the Dance R.E.B.E.L. Method

the non-conformist's guide to reviving your dance practice

Plus, these are the modules we’ll go through week by week:

R: Redefine what dance is for you NOW

Flip your mentality from trying to fit yourself into an existing mold (that never quite felt right) into starting a revolution from within. Redefine what dance means to you NOW at this juncture in your life and create a dance world that supports it.

E: Expose the blocks keeping you stuck

Understand what’s REALLY stopping you (hint: it’s not just about you and your personal blocks, it’s about society) and create your ConfiDANCE Credo and Personal Power Dance to center you in you power no matter where you are

B: Bring yourself into rhythm - both in your body and in your life

Learn how to find YOUR unique rhythm and align yourself with your natural cycles so that you can break patterns of burn out and pushing/punishing yourself while dancing in a way that nourishes you, grounds you, and creates an oasis of healing amidst chaos.

E: Express your true dance voice and use it

Discover the unique expression of your “DANCE VOICE” and get more connected to your body wisdom and intuition. Get out of your head and into ACTION with weekly empowerment sessions and live online dance sessions, adaptable for all levels of dancers.

L: Live on as a Dance Rebel by developing a sustainable dance practice that suits YOUR lifestyle and schedule

Create a personal dance practice that works for your unique lifestyle and schedule - your Dance Rebel Routine - and learn how to stay consistent with it with my 5 components of Creative Consistency.

all levels and bodies, rise together.

YOU are welcomed here. No matter what type of dance background you have. No matter what level of dance experience you have (even if it’s none). This is not about learning one particular dance style. It’s about connecting to your own authentic movement (which may or may not be influenced by previous training) and gaining inspiration and clarity on how to bring it into your life more fully and make an impact with it.

In other words….

The shape you’re in right now is the only shape you’ll ever need. The time you have available is the perfect amount of time. The amount of dance experience you have is enough - even if it's none. And all you need is the device you’re reading this on to get started.

hear from past clients:


“…I'm recreating my relationship with dance on MY terms…”

I'm celebrating the fact that this is the first online program where I've completed ALL of the calls, even if they were recordings! I can't say that for any other online program. I'm also celebrating the fact that I've reconnected with something I thought I lost which is ENJOYING myself while dancing and allowing myself to dance in a way that feels good to me.

In my previous life as a professional dancer, everything started to feel so heavy, so serious. From dealing with recurring injuries, to wondering if I would be able to make my rent, to dancing the way I thought I SHOULD dance rather than enjoying the way I WANTED to dance; I got so burned out to the point where I wouldn't even talk about dance for a year after I retired from performing.

Now I'm happy to say that I'm having FUN with dance again!

Jess's program helped me get in touch with why I've chosen to move on from dance as I've known it in my life thus far and leap into the unknown. It's because if I'm not enjoying myself, why do what I've done!? Now, I'm recreating my relationship with dance on MY terms and it's the most freeing thing in the world!

- Heather Fraelick, LMT, Chicago


“I feel like I am reclaiming parts of myself that I left behind when I abandoned dance years ago.”

The amazing thing about this program is how it sparks creative growth that improves all areas of your life. I’m gaining clarity about what I want in my life and becoming more comfortable sharing my work which has been so empowering. I feel like I am reclaiming parts of myself that I left behind when I abandoned dance years ago.

- Julie McAlinden, New York, NY

The program confirmed for me that having a group or community is an integral part of keeping up with my dance practice. While I enjoy dancing alone, having a community of dancers was SO important.

- Victoria Crispo, New York, NY


Before working with Jess, I had been swirling through a rather chaotic couple of years of transitions (having radical double hip surgery, coming out, losing a loved one, leaving a long-term job). Simultaneously, I was/am in a process of re-inventing myself and pursuing my deepest passions: music and dance.

At the start of my program, I had been taking beginner dance classes barely 6 months. My challenge is that I can tend to overwork and overwhelm myself. After my surgeries, I realized that those old habits of exhausting myself would wreak havoc on my body and might prevent me from ever fully healing. My biggest goal in joining the program was to find a way to navigate through these turbulent transitional times while still focusing my energy on my recovery and dance dreams.

i learned so much about the divine wisdom of women, it was really inspiring.

I received constant support and reminders to listen to my body, which has helped me with my recovery. I stayed on track with my professional goals, and made space for my dance training to increase. I learned some great new dance moves and new ways of improvising my own movement. The work has opened me up and introduced me to a world of dance that is filled with joy and love.

jess has devised such a unique and awesome curriculum of topics that with each lesson, i felt like i was unlocking a new level of strength and/or new valuable tools that could apply to more aspects of my life than just dance.

I would like to also share how positive and incredible it was to have the support and contact with an entire group of women who were all so lovely and inspiring. The community aspect made it really special for me.

- Kirstin Huber, artist, designer, musician, dancer, | @kiiiirstin

about your facilitator, jess grippo

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Although I quit dancing after high school and thought I'd missed my chance, I proved my 19-year-old self - and society - wrong. My DIY dance videos on YouTube years later were the catalyst for reviving my dance practice AND transitioning my career into my own business and brand, all based on dance.

Since, then I've been invited to speak and perform on stages like TEDxNYU, Lincoln Center's Dance On Camera Festival, New York's Got Talent! competition show, and the New York Comedy Club.

While I was once the shyest of shy ballerinas (seriously, I barely spoke to my classmates and was voted "Most Likely to Be Seen With: A Tasty D-Lite ice cream cone"), I'm now frequently found dancing spontaneously with strangers in the streets, subways, airports, parks, and more - and making videos with them.

My You Can Dance Again programs and videos have helped hundreds of people in NYC and beyond to reclaim their sense of self through dance, feel at home in their bodies, and revive their creative expression.


p.s. I know, I know, the program looks amazing and yet there's so much on your plate already and you're worried it might not be the right time. I'll be honest, as this is the pioneer round, I'm not sure if and when I'll be leading another live group just like it. I also know firsthand that when you commit to making space for yourself, that's when a clear path starts to form. We can't make change unless we do things differently. If dance is your edge, your home, your unknown, take this step with me. You won't regret it.