Find Your Rhythm

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Find Your Rhythm


lifetime access to this
6-week online course

Let's Dance

find your rhythm through transition.

This 6-week online program provides a holistic, creative approach to help you:

  • activate your body
  • revive your joy and creativity 
  • clarify your voice + bring your work into the world 

It’s conducted virtually so that you can join from anywhere in the world, and includes Jess’ intuitive, transformational coaching and dancing instruction to create movement – physically in your body, and in the necessary areas of your life.

this 6-week online program includes:

  • 6 coaching classes on each of the weekly themes listed above (in mp3 audio format)
  • 6 do-at-home dance video classes on each of the weekly themes
  • the FYR workbook to guide you through taking action with the curriculum
  • the FYR music playlist, themed to flow with our weekly topics
  • bonus meditations, book recommendations, and additional resources

plus these bonuses:

  • bonus group class: access to a members-only recorded video class with Jess. Get answers to the questions you’ve been asking, like: how to monetize your creativity, how to choose which passion to focus on when you have many, how to transition out of a job you hate, and how to get past the fear of judgment.
  • "Cut The Crap" 7-day Creativity Cleanse: if you’ve ever struggled with your health or  sugar/caffeine dependency and recognize that it’s been a block to your creative flow, this 7-day meal-plan and guided cleanse program is for you.