Hot Mess with Jess

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Hot Mess with Jess

from 20.00

1-hour dance class for
$20* drop-in  |  $95* class series

*25% of proceeds from this class will benefit the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund so that your dance can help support the clean-up of our global hot mess.

Class Type:
Let's Dance

hot mess with jess:

tuesdays at 7:30pm in new york city

When you’re falling apart. When the world is falling apart. When your room, brain, emotions, relationships, [fill in the blank], feel like a HOT MESS... At least there’s DANCE.

And what I’ve always learned from dance is that it heals. One step at a time, movement shifts us. One sweat at a time, movement cleanses us. One expression at a time, movement creates through us, and frees us to recreate our world.

In honor of the hot mess in my life – and maybe in yours – the class structure will change according to the mood, the dancers who show up, and the intuitive understanding of what’s most needed for all of us.

in this class, you can expect a mix of:

  • jazzy, modern, ballet-style warm up moves
  • guided improvisation for finding and freeing your own unique movement
  • fun, sometimes spontaneous choreography
  • linking words, writing, drawing to our movement
  • laughing, crying, meeting people who "get it"

show up as you are (hot mess and all) + let’s dance through it together.