Private Sessions: Personal Power Dance (NYC or Online)

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Private Sessions: Personal Power Dance (NYC or Online)

from 195.00

an unique opportunity to...

  • develop more confidence in your body and your abilities

  • free up your self-expression as a dancer/artist/human

  • use dance as a tool for insight, healing, and problem-solving

  • move through excuses or blocks that stopped you in the past

  • make space for your body and self so you can show up differently for others

it’s for you, if:

you tend to get stuck in your head...

ruminating over decisions-to-be-made or worrying about the direction your life is going in, and you’d like more access to your intuition and bodily wisdom so that you can powerfully and confidently move forward in alignment

you’re in the midst of a transition...

hello: break-ups, moving, marrying, family illness, job changes, soul-searching, etc. – and recognize that the more grounded you are in yourself, the easier you’ll be able to navigate the changes or chaos around you

your body is trying to get your attention...

maybe in the form of health challenges, crazy dreams, anxiety, etc., or maybe it’s just a feeling – and you’d like a more targeted way to complete the communication loop, both understanding what your body is saying AND being able to work with your body to facilitate healing and transformation

sessions are customized to YOU

…so we’ll talk first to see exactly what you are needing and how I can best serve you.

Contact me with questions or to set up a call!

Let's Dance

Each movement was like a phrase in my story, and when I had finished, I was able to physically connect with where I had been and where I might be headed. I can now tap into the movements and gestures that came out of this dance to help me make sense of where I am now.
— Lauren Green
The Personal Power Dance session planted a seed for me, which is growing into a deeply meaningful piece/process/tool. The brainstorming, instruction, and guidance surrounding this project has helped me to define what movement means to me. It has led me to be more curious about turning questions into gestures and discovering the answers through dance. Most of all, the whole concept and experience was very empowering!
— Kirstin Huber

personal power dance.

Me + You. An open studio space. (Or a virtual video studio space.) Time to laser in on a particular challenge you’re working through and/or a particular new super power you’re cultivating.

You’ll walk away (ahem – dance away) with your personal power dance sequence. This is a customized, choreographed dance sequence that reflects your personal transformation. You can use it whenever you want a power boost, whenever you need to be reminded of who you are. It's a way to click back into your power and purpose right away – as part of your daily routine, or on an as-needed basis.

possibilities are open and endless.

What will emerge from your dance?