dance into your answers:

6-month private coaching + re-invention process


Me + You. 6 months. A rebirth, a deeply supported personal coaching journey into redefining and re-inventing your life. We'll use traditional coaching and dance modalities to bring forth your power and bring dance and creativity to the forefront. For the women ready to unlock their true expression and make waves with their artistic work, gracefully navigate career, family, and relationship transitions, and more.


this program is for you, if:

You used to identify as a dancer or an artist – or you feel like one deep down – but...

you haven’t been actually dancing or creating

or you do identify as a dancer or an artist now but...

you haven’t been dancing or creating in a way that feels fulfilling and authentic to you

You feel spiritually squelched or uncomfortable in your body often

You're in the midst of transition or are contemplating making a big life transition

You tend to get overwhelmed, unfocused, or scattered, which leads to frustration and stuckness

You long to express yourself and integrate creativity into your life in a healthy, fulfilling, sustainable, and changemaking way

You have been feeling isolated or lost and crave an understanding community


what's in it for you?

No more disconnect from your body:

You’ll learn how to care for your body intuitively and cyclically so that you can work with it – not against it – as a powerful vehicle for your growth and creative development

no more excuses:

You’ll be held accountable to get out of your own way and take sustainable action in your dancing and in your life

no more being a victim of circumstance:

You’ll be empowered to use your dancing & creativity as a positive tool in your life, navigate gracefully through challenges, and turn negative situations into opportunities for healing yourself and others.

no more holding back your brilliance:

You’ll connect to your authentic voice and allow it to shine through, as you're guided to present a unique creative project towards the end of our 9 months together. 


here's what you get:

this 6-month program includes:

  • 12 private 45-minute coaching sessions: phone or skype sessions with Jess twice per month to keep you on track with your goals, break through blocks, get moving in your body, and create transformation step-by-step.
  • 1 private 90-minute Personal Power Dance Session: in-person studio time (or via video if you’re outside of NYC) in which we’ll customize a dance sequence to empower you to fully embody the transformation you're making.
  • 6 group 60-minute guiDANCE sessions: live group coaching sessions (via group video) with Jess and other clients once per month for additional guidance, support, dance motivation, & community.
  • your own project: you’ll be guided in working towards a project and producing a tangible expression of it by the end of the program. this could be a dance video, something you choreograph or improvise, or anything that fully expresses YOUR dance.
  • participation in a You Can Dance Again Showcase: this showcase is your opportunity to bring your creative dreams to life! You’ll get to share your creative work in a safe and supportive environment, either in person or virtual via the blog and website. (totally optional but recommended!)
  • supplemental worksheets and templates: for helping you to accomplish what you desire, to stay organized and centered, and to put the structure in place to make it all happen.

plus these BONUSES:

  • email access to Jess in between sessions
  • VIP access to other group classes and workshops during your program
  • access to my full library of guided dance videos and group coaching sessions on everything from a 7-day "Creativity Cleanse" to Pop-Goddess dance explorations to practical guidance on making more space in your life
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your investment:

6-month private coaching for
$3,000  |  $500* per month

*more payment plans available


what people are saying:

Just wanted to reach out to tell you I’ve been thinking about you and our coaching program for some time now and how meaningful it was for me to do it. I applied for a writer’s wkshp in Nigeria for the beginning of this summer that I am daring to believe I have a fighting chance at getting! I love my current job, and my life in general these days and I even went to my favorite party (Stevie Wonder lol) this past weekend for the first time in like 5 or 6 years. I really wanted to give you this update bc it’s all evidence that I really got something rolling when I signed up to work with you a year and a half ago. I hope all is well with you.
— Tokumbo