creative coaching

awaken your body wisdom,

tap into your creativity + divinity,

bring your projects/business/dreams to life.


to my fellow creative soul:

It’s taken me awhile to find out how to communicate what I do, how to translate this work onto a page.

“It’s way more than just dance or just coaching.”

But what more?

People leave sessions with me and they start dancing (or writing or painting or singing or dreaming) again, they renew daily practices and commitments they’ve longed for, they show up differently and more happily at work, they are more present with their loved ones, they glow.

Beyond that?

they feel free. they stop doing the things they “should” do. they unlock their creative potential and use it for good.

It’s about restoring connection to a part of you that’s been hidden.

It’s about activating the creative power inherent in your body.

It’s about doing things differently, following the unique pull from your soul.


my coaching programs are designed to guide you to: 

  • connect your body with your soul and use dance (or another creative modality) as a tool for awakening your radical spirit, unlocking trapped creative energy, and freeing the voice that’s ready to emerge


  • develop a creative project of your own with artistic direction, spiritual guidance, and fierce yet gentle encouragement from me, specific to your needs


  • receive structure and support within a small and deeply connected community to ensure you get personal attention and feel seen and witnessed by people who get it 


If this speaks to your soul, if you sense I might be the right guide for you, fill out the application below and let's set up a time to talk. 

You're not alone. 

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check out an excerpt from a group coaching session here:


are you craving a creative revival?


Every week, I set aside time for complimentary Creative GuiDANCE sessions. These 30-minute, no-strings-attached calls provide a safe, structured, open space for us to talk more about what sort of a transition you're in, where you're feeling stuck, what your bigger dreams and visions are for your life, and if any of my programs might be the vehicle you've been wanting to help you dance through it.*

*and by "dance through it," I mean literally and metaphorically

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