awaken your body wisdom,

tap into your creativity + divinity,

and bring your projects, business, or dreams to life.


As a coach, I work with creatives (and secret creatives who abandoned their creativity at some point) and people who crave a connection with their body and their creative muses.

I usually work with you during transitional moments in your career, relationship, or life, when you feel like your spirit is being squelched and you just want to return to who you are.

Traditional coaching methods mixed with unconventional dance modalities help you open your creative channels, connect to your divinity or sense of purpose, awaken your body wisdom, and self-define and self-invent.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally, this helps you shift into a new way of approaching life, frees you from long held anxieties and stuckness, plus gives you clarity and confidence like you’ve never felt it before.

Creatively and spiritually, you will access your authenticity, develop your intuitive sense, get into effortless flow with the muses inspiring your process, and claim the freedom to express it all in your own way.

This is a personal act of reinvention and a cultural act of taking back your body, your power, and your creativity.


are you craving a creative revival?


Every week, I set aside time for complimentary Creative GuiDANCE sessions. These 30-minute, no-strings-attached calls provide a safe, structured, open space for us to talk more about what sort of a transition you're in, where you're feeling stuck, what your bigger dreams and visions are for your life, and if any of my programs might be the vehicle you've been wanting to help you dance through it.*

*and by "dance through it," I mean literally and metaphorically

claim your complimentary call: