YCDA Immersion Retreat


YCDA Immersion Retreat

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YCDA Immersion Retreat is held twice annually. The Fall Immersion focuses on connecting to your inner world and deepening your dance roots, while in the Spring Immersion you’ll emerge into more visibility, expression, and active creativity.

Let's Dance

ycda immersion retreat.

YCDA Immersion is a 10-day experience of deep inner transformation and dance creation, culminating in a retreat, to help you rise up and bring out your authentic dance.

This path is for you if you want to focus on creating a solo dance piece within the container of a supportive group of women. It’s especially for you if you’re in a period of transition in your life, and you see art-making as a powerful way to learn more about yourself, and to harness your power to invent, re-invent, and transform your world.

Whether it's been forever (or never) since you've taken a class, you will be encouraged to:

  • clear out the noise and “busy” energy of your life so that you hear your inner wisdom and can take action from a place of trust and knowing (versus panic/reaction/forced energy)
  • uncover and heal any subconscious wounding to your creativity and self-expression (from personal experience and from our collective history as women) that may be holding you back
  • open up your creative channel physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that you become more receptive to creative inspiration and opportunities
  • integrate and process your personal stories and journeys into an artistic process (this way, you truly allow your experiences to move through you and create healing and transformation)
  • learn tangible tools and exercises to help you conceive and create a performance piece (which you can use for projects beyond just this one! #toolsforlife)
  • allow your voice and self-expression to be birthed in an authentic way that creates healing for you, your communities, and the world at large

YCDA Immersion helps you to get to the root of whatever might be holding you back so that you can bring even more of your power, authenticity, and energy into the people, projects, and causes that truly matter to you.