BE A Dance rebel.


When your spirit feels squelched.
When you are living in boxes you don’t want to be in.
When you want to remember feeling free.

You get to invent your future.

You get to re-invent and express your self. 

You get to move and use your body as you see fit.

All by doing something creative to call forward your power.

And that is exactly what dancing and my work help you to do.


hi, i'm jess grippo.


As a creativity coach, I help you access and give birth to your creative expression so that you can radically re-invent yourself and your world, especially in times of transition.

As a dancer, I make space for dance and human connection to happen, so that we can all feel a bit less alone on this journey of life.

In my coaching practice, in my art, and in my life, I use dance as a way to open up the creative channel and our body wisdom.

This way of dancing is a radical act.

In our modern world where we’ve been taught to squelch our authentic expression, where we’ve been taught that our bodies are not made for our own pleasure but for the approval of an outside gaze, where women’s bodies are under siege by the media and politics…

this way of dancing is how we will reclaim our bodies and our space in the world.


let's dance.

I’m all about this dance.
I’m all about accessing our personal power.
I am all about self-defining rather than being defined by external circumstances.

Are you, too?