For the stage, my intention is to create relatable, narrative dance-comedy work with depth of meaning for the human experience, exploring themes of:

self-invention + discovery,
women + sexuality, perseverance
of the human spirit.

Here's some of my recent work.


bumble no more.

The age of online dating has got me swiping into hysterics.  Frustration, angst, and longing to be loved are explored and danced out in this solo piece.

music: The Dresden Dolls, "Missed Me"


pull away.

A dance of love and loss, choosing between what's in front of you and the image your mind wants to cling to. This edition of the "pull away" duet runs into technical difficulties which takes the piece in a surprising direction.

music: Leon Bridges, "Pull Away"


swan canal.

A jaded ballerina prepares to perform the dying swan dance once last time... and then finds her own way through it. (This solo piece won the People's Choice Award at Spoke The Hub's "Winter Follies" and was later developed into a longer narrative piece.)

music: Linda Rondstat, "Perfidia"


interpretive dance improv.

"What cheese am I?" is an example of the on-the-spot dance creation that can emerge out of everyday thoughts or objects. 

live piano: Ryan McCurdy


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