hi, i’m jess.


Nice to virtually meet you. I wish you could see me interpretive dancing an introduction instead, but hey, let's work with what we got.

If you're here, there are a few things you should know about me and my work:

1. I started out as a coach in 2007: While my training is originally in women's hormonal health, my focus has shifted to a hybrid of creativity/writing/business coaching. These days, I love mentoring individuals and companies to bring their creative projects and dreams to life, with an emphasis on authenticity and connecting to the wisdom in our bodies. In particular, I'm good with words and enjoy helping people shape them. Some of my most recent clients are Flo Living and MedicalBound.

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2. Along the way I started a dance business, You Can Dance Again: Here in NYC, I host programs, performances, and workshops to guide people back into dance in a welcoming, inclusive way. I also have online programs that do the same and that guide you in creating or launching your own local dance community. Making more space for dance is among my favorite things in the world. (Being Lucy’s mom is also one of my faves.)

Check out our nyc + online dance programs here.

3. At my core, I'm a performer: In front of audiences, I weave together my dancing and storytelling (and sometimes my dating life) into humorous, sometimes educational, and often inspiring solo pieces that I love sharing at colleges, comedy clubs, corporations, open mics, or literally on the sidewalk. My work has been featured at TEDxNYU, Lincoln Center’s Dance On Camera Festival, New York Comedy Club, and the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, to name a few.

Check out my latest performance work here.

Those are the 3 main ways you can work with me, but if you can think of others, I'm open to hearing your ideas! We're always evolving, aren't we?

This work has grown from a hidden calling, the dancer inside of me who always wanted to be free but thought she couldn't for the longest time. I quit my restrictive ballet career at 19 years old and took a hiatus from dance for about 7 years, until I wanted to find my expression again. The second time around, it was through making goofy dance videos on my cell phone, which I still do. It's all grown from there. Bringing dance back into my life has brought joy, connections, healing, and so much more. And that's why I'm driven to share this with others.

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some highlights:

I did a TEDx talk in 2013:

Was featured in Vulture.com about my work in the #SavetheOA Movement and the connected flashmob I co-led and organized:

Was featured on StyleCaster with my You Can Dance Again student Daniela:

This DIY dance video I made as part of my annual Dance-a-Day in the Month of May challenge, was chosen to be shared on the big screen at Lincoln Center’s Dance on Camera Festival in 2018:

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