hi, i’m jess.

A motto I live by is:

when all else fails, dance it out.


At one point in my life – the “teenage ballerina phase,” let’s call it – dance was a rigid, pressure-filled, competitive environment in which I needed to aim for perfection and beat myself up when I didn’t get there.

After spending years completely distanced from dancing – while I got a degree at NYU, worked in the corporate world for a few years, and then found my way to the field of holistic health – dance has now evolved into a vehicle for my personal fulfillment, authenticity and growth, as well as a modality to provide guidance and support for others on their journeys.

i don’t take it lightly that you’re here reading this, because i know that if you made your way here, there’s something in you, too, that must dance - literally OR metaphorically.

And if you’re like me in this way, you probably recognize that the kind of dance that wants to come through you is not dance in the traditional sense as you once knew it.

It’s not about reaching some milestone that you feel you “should” achieve.

It’s not about reaching or achievement at all, really.

It’s not about looking a certain way or having to force your body into unnatural shapes.


the kind of dance we’re here to do is human, raw, real, messy, direct from our heart and souls, the essence of YOU being expressed in physical form and made into art.

Because without ^ that we become stifled and squelched.

Learning how to access my dance and creativity in this way has been game-changing:

It has been my saving grace through the toughest of life stuff, from family illness to break-ups and everything in between.

It has helped me to re-invent my life and career – multiple times.

It has brought me into deeper human connection with friends and strangers alike.

And the same goes for the clients and students who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last decade.


how i came to this work.


I have a B.A. from NYU with a mixed major of psychology, sociology, and gender studies.

What that means for you is that the lens through which I’ll approach our work together is conscious of our humanity and the unique expressions of it. I am aware of and sensitive to varied and non-binary genders, cultures, and expressions of sexuality. In other words, all-of-you is welcomed here.

I have coaching certifications from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2007) and Eric Maisel’s Creativity Coaching Association.

What that means for you is that I’m deeply trained in how we can use our bodies to call forward more power and creativity in our lives. I look at the signs and symptoms from your body as messengers to unlocking deeper levels of authenticity and creativity within you.

I have additional training and 8 years of professional experience as a women’s hormonal health coach with FLO Living.

What that means for you is an even deeper understanding and practical application of bodily wisdom and hormonal cycles, and how you can use both to support your creativity, take your power back, and bring more of your unique self to the world. Plus, I’m happy to talk about periods, and will likely ask you if and when you’re getting yours, in service of gaining insight into your own cyclical wisdom.


I dance.

I have 11 years of formal dance training and performance experience in classical Ballet, Jazz, African Dance, Haitian Dance, Improv, Physical Theater and more. I make my own dance videos. I dance with strangers and in random public places. I’ve spoken on stages about my dance journey. I’ve choreographed dance shows and all that jazz. What that means for you is that I walk my talk. I’m actively creating and developing my art, which a big part of what qualifies me to help others on their journeys.

I coach.

I have been working as a coach for 10 years and counting, and throughout that time I’ve always been focused on women, self actualization, the psychology of change, how we move in the world, and how we call forth our power – especially in a world that often doesn’t want us to use our own bodily wisdom and power. I’m uniquely capable of supporting and guiding you at these transitional moments in your life when you’re exploring these things, too.

I write.

Aside from keeping my (almost weekly) blog, Creative Fridays, going for 5 years and counting, and working on my soon-to-be-published first book, I also have been hired as a copywriter and writing coach for international companies and independent writers alike. What this means for you is that I take care with my words and can help you shape yours.


more about my work + dance story.