good news from the full moon - June 4, 2012

moon ladyEvery so often I bring you messages on a non-Friday to tell you about important events and moon happenings that could have a big impact on your life and creative potential. Today is one of those days.

Hours after this post hits the internet, the moon hits its fullness as a lunar eclipse is underway (approximately 7am EST). A lunar eclipse literally means that the Earth is passing between the Sun and Moon, creating a visible shadow on the bright moon. (Depending on where you live, it might be possible for you to see it in the night sky. Read more here for the details.) A day later on Tuesday, another more rare event will occur in which Venus will transit between the Earth and the Sun.

While those are the physical facts of the current moon/planet situation, the real good stuff is more symbolic. Whether or not you believe in astrology, you can take it or leave it, but keep an open mind because I really think it will resonate for you.  (And plus, I have some proof that it’s for realz ;)

So the good news from the full moon is this:

We’re in for an awakening of some kind: A letting go so that we can grow, a new opportunity, or perhaps a deeper opening into something we’ve already been part of.

It’s a great time to release old patterns and fully open yourself up to what’s possible.

I have a feeling you’ve been going through some transitions lately, so get ready for breakthroughs to happen. You’ve been preparing yourself without knowing. Any rumbles you’ve felt along the way were just the wheels on the runway, and it’s now time to take off.

If you’re interested in reading more about the eclipse, Venus transit, and full moon significance, check out these articles:

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Star Watch by Dawn Miller: Full Moon & Venus Transit

I tend to take my cues from the moon, and so it happens that our next workshop’s theme – as well as the theme of the month - is connected to all of this. I’m calling it: Taking Flight.

And some proof that things are in motion:

I’m thrilled to say that a new door opened for Creative Fridays last week as we’ve been invited to have a new home base at a creative arts & therapeutic wellness center called Breakin Boundaries in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s hub for dance, movement, healing and creative energy of all kinds, and couldn’t be a more perfect fit for me and the kind of work we do together.

I’ll have more moon magic for you this Friday, but til then check out details about our next workshop at the new space.

Everything is possible.

To launching past our limits,