{one of those things you’ll be happy you left the house for. promise.}

Friday 6.28 at 7pm  |  Brooklyn NY

produced and hosted by

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your ticket includes free access to my new at-home dance-reviving program dance alone, together.


Being a “dance rebel” means being part of a revolution in which humans are choosing to put dance, art, and their body back in their lives, in their own unique way, in a world that can so often try to keep us disconnected.

This show is about reviving that mission within all of us through creating a platform for (re)emerging dancers to take the stage.

In a city where dance performance is mostly reserved for "the professionals," You Can Dance Again recognizes that dancers walk these streets in all kinds of professions, shapes, and forms - and all should get a chance to dance their dance. Because dance is what moves us, frees us, and brings us back to ourselves.

featuring the dances of:

Our YCDA Group Troupe

The Dance Rebels' Solo Squad

and more surprise performances to be announced!

why leave the house for this?

Let’s face it - It’s hard to make time for dance. It’s hard to make time for yourself, your body, and your creativity - especially in a city like NYC. But when you do, you feel free, you feel renewed, you feel grateful you showed up: The after effects of making a bit of space for dance and creative inspiration.

This show is not about showiness. Yes, it’s here to entertain and inspire, but it’s also meant to include you. To reawaken some spark that might be dimming out within you. To let you in on the process (rather than just showing the final product) so that you can remember that you, too, are more than what’s on the surface. You are here to create a better world by letting out more of your true self and expression.

This show is a statement that we will not be passive bystanders - we will create; we will move people, places, and things; we will dance.

your ticket includes free access to my new at-home dance-reviving program dance alone, together.


get inspired.

Renew your creativity.
Get back in your body.
Be a dance rebel with us.

be part of the revolution here:


about your host

Hi, I’m Jess, the host and producer of this show, and the creator of You Can Dance Again. I started this community after years of being disconnected from dance and my own creativity, after years of being a women’s health coach and seeing how integral dance and creativity are to our overall well-being and vitality.

When I quit ballet at age 19, I felt like there was no longer a place for me in the dance world. So years later, I created my own. And what I’ve learned in that process - from making dance videos on the streets with strangers to performing on stages in front of hundreds to gathering a community of dance here in NYC  and beyond - is that dance connects us. It frees us. It opens up possibilities that don’t exist in our heads, because it literally helps us move and dance into new answers.

I’m so excited to take the stage on June 29, reviving a dance piece of my own that was integral in my creative reawakening, and even more excited to witness the inspiring performances of the dancers who are taking the stage in their own empowering way. And of course, I’m excited to meet YOU. It’s not uncommon for audience members to leave these shows with a new idea or a revived inspiration for their own creative path, and I’d love to hear what opens for you there.

“An actual artist who covers more than just dance.”

Beth Newbery, Performing Coach/Artist

“That is show biz....inventive, hilarious, creative.”

Brent Buell, Producer/Director


the dance rebels' revival show.

Friday, June 29, 2018 7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM

152 Sterling Place Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States