dance alone, together.

the at-home dance-revival program

(digital companion to dance with this book)

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This digital program contains a mix of guided dance videos that encourage you to discover or rediscover your creative expression and physical movement - in particular if you don't have time to make it to the studio, or don't feel ready to leave the comfort of your home. It includes:

  • my 2 essential warm-up moves you can do from anywhere, in short amounts of time, even if it's the only dance you have time for all day. 

  • a favorite in-class exercise translated for you into video so that you can get out of your head and get your body moving.

  • a go-to prompt for really fun, effective dance breaks. (I like to say this one is like “the tarot card of dance” - and you’ll see why!)

  • guidance on how to use dance to move through tough stuff, with a guided audio track by me and one of my favorite musicians.

  • a facebook group so that you can connect to other dance-loners and maybe even find a virtual dance partner!

Plus some bonuses:

  • 2 of my most popular dance tutorial videos for those of you who like to learn choreography

  • 4 audio tracks of moving meditations that you can listen to and move to

  • subscription to “the weekly w.h.i.m.”, a weekly-ish dose, direct to your inbox, of words helping to inspire movement


p.s. The shape you’re in right now is the only shape you’ll ever need. The time you have available is the perfect amount of time. The amount of dance experience you have is enough - even if it's none. And all you need is the device you’re reading this on to get started. 

p.p.s. I highly recommend DANCE WITH THIS BOOK as a companion to this video series! If you didn’t already grab your copy, here’s the link to get it!


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Ever feel lonely? I do. 

Ever feel stuck? I do. 

Ever feel like all you want to do is DANCE - if only the world was set up to let us dance more, if only you had more time, if only you didn’t quit ballet when you were 9?

I do. all. the. time. 


the great thing about dance is that it helps us get unstuck, out of the funk, feel more connected. it gives us confidence and freedom and….

Yada yada, you get the point. I don’t have to spell it out because you’re an intelligent human who gets it. And even if your brain forgets it, your body remembers.

Go ahead, ask your body to remember the last time it danced.


[s p a c e   to   r e m e m b e r]


What I’ve heard from so many people is how much they want/wish/wonder what it would be like if they danced more… 


Yet they are scared to go into a classroom because of the fear of looking “bad” or not keeping up or making a fool of themselves. 

Or even if they aren’t scared of THAT part of it, they can’t find the time to set aside. (Because, c’mon, the commute plus the class plus the extra sweaty laundry you’ll accumulate… that's more than a quickie!)


When I first started wanting to dance again (after years of not doing it and telling myself I missed my chance), all those things came up for me. They still come up, actually. Because the fear and the core issues don’t go away, it just becomes easier to move through them and dance anyway.


Ya know what got me back to dance? 


Making dance videos alone in my room. 


That was back in 2010, and while a lot has changed, a lot also hasn't changed. 

What's different now is that I KNOW how powerful this seemingly small act of dancing alone can be. I've seen it change my life over time and impact so many people in the process.  I now know that dancing in your own way will not only free you in the moment, but it is in itself an act of rebellion in a world that so often tries to keep us stuck in our heads and out of our real embodied power. 



so. here’s what i created.


A series of videos you can watch at home alone in YOUR room, that will give you the permission, the space, and the nudge to start dancing again. Right here, right now. In short chunks of time that you don’t need to get a new pair of Lululemons for. (Those ratty old sweats will do just fine. I speak from experience.)

dancing alone with you, together,

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