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Be a Dance Rebel! NYC Event


Monday, 9/24/18, 6:30-8pm, NYC

bring a friend for free!


whether you've been…

  • stuck in your head way too much,

  • stuck in a soul-sucking grind of work and obligations that leaves no room for you,

  • or coming out of a breakup or breakdown and missing the way your soul can be set free through dance,

one thing's for sure:

dance is in you. 

The problem is, it doesn't always come out of you ;)

Take advantage of this in-person opportunity to reignite your dance spark, connect with fellow dance rebels, and move and sweat and free yourself in a way that only dance can do.

As of now, this is the last drop-in event of the year. After this, we’ll be going forward with online and in-person programs, that start at a 6-week commitment.

what to expect:

After a brief introduction and welcome, we will start off with a structured warm-up based in jazz/ballet/modern dance, and then evolve into guided free movement, and finally some collaborative choreography. It's for those who want to reclaim the freedom to dance in your own way, in your body exactly as it is right now, as a gateway to your creativity and self-expression. 


whether it's been forever (or never) since you've taken a dance class, you will:

  • collaborate with a diverse community of dancers who see you, encourage you, and accept you exactly as you are

  • awaken latent creative energy within you

  • eliminate feelings of competitiveness, inadequacy, or negative body image

  • use dance as a vehicle for igniting more confidence, power, rebellion, and freedom in your life


From all types of dance backgrounds. From all levels of dance experience (including – none). This is not about learning one particular dance style. It’s about connecting to your own authentic movement (which may or may not be influenced by previous training) and gaining inspiration from the other diverse dancers who take part.

There will be opportunities to continue dancing with us if you dig it!

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