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n'audition (the non-audition for dance)

  • 890 Broadway New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Calling all dancers and dancers-at-heart who have been thinking about getting back into dance, but keep finding excuses not to!

This "n'audition" is for you if you've left your dancing dreams behind you, but recognize that as you did that, you also left a part of your soul behind you. And these days, you're dragging through your day to day, craving a release, missing the way the dance studio can hold all of your angst, the way dancing can free you up to be better able to deal with life. Maybe you're also secretly missing the stage, and the process of collaborating with a group of creative people on a dance you can share with others.

You are the ones we're looking for. No matter how out of shape you feel, no matter how long it's been since you dance-danced, no matter how bogged down with other obligations you are.... You are welcomed here. More than welcomed, you're encouraged.

This "n’audition" is an opportunity to break the ice on your frozen inner dancer, to rip the bandaid off the wound of past dance hurts, and to show up exactly as you are and be seen and welcomed by a group of dancers who feel the same way you do. And to dance.

All dance styles/backgrounds and levels of experience (including none) are welcomed.

We will be doing a combination of guided improv/freestyle movement that allows you to find your own groove, while also being inspired by other dancers and styles.


Monday 4/8 at 6:30pm in Manhattan -->

Thursday 4/11 at 8:15pm in Brooklyn -->

**And so, what comes after the n’audition, you might be wondering?**

This one-time thing might be all you need to reawaken your dancing spirit. There’s no pressure or obligation to do anything beyond it. AND if it leaves you craving more, there will be opportunities to continue working with our company, You Can Dance Again, in workshops, program series, and performance opportunities.

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