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"Hungry Ovaries" at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

I’m honored to have been invited to the conference for the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, to perform my piece, “Hungry Ovaries.” To say that this is a full circle moment is an understatement. 12 years ago, after healing my  PCOS (thanks to Alisa Vitti) I got my certification as a holistic health coach and joined the @floliving team where I’d work with women in healing their hormonal issues/periods naturally. As I’ve moved more into my creative expression, so has my career, but this knowledge, love, and advocacy of women’s bodies has not left me.

Somewhat randomly (but not), earlier this year I created a dance-comedy piece about the changing phases of the menstrual cycle, and how my mood (and dating life) shifts dramatically throughout the month because of it. At every comedy club or open mic I’ve shared it, there have been a few people in the audience who ask me to perform it at their school/college/etc… Who would’ve thought that I’d also end up presenting it at an academic conference?