2 words that will boost your creative power

I was in a session with one of my amazing dancer clients earlier this week. She was struggling a bit with solidifying the solo dance piece she is in the process of choreographing.


To paraphrase her dilemma:


“I don’t know what moves should go where. I don’t know if I should wear shoes or go barefoot. I’m playing around with different song ideas….”


Whether or not you’re a choreographer, maybe you can relate in some area of your life?

Is there a place where you’re just not sure what should go where and so you hang out in wishy-washy land?


It’s easy to stay wishy-washy.


It’s easy to avoid making a decision in hopes that it will just be made for you.


It’s easy to defer your power to something outside of you: an authority figure, your astrological forecast, your partner, etc.


Believe me - this is one of my biggest downfalls and easiest trap to fall into.


But I learned something extremely powerful in the last week -


It’s actually MUCH easier to simply decide.


Repeat after me - these are the 2 simple words that will boost your creative power big-time:


I decide.


When you make a decision and commit to it - whether it’s with a piece of art you’re creating or within a relationship or career decision - you free yourself.


You also free the people in your life.


Contrary to the typical fear that you’ll be cutting off so many other amazing potential choices, by zeroing in one thing, you actually expand your potential.


Suddenly the world opens up.

In the example of my client session, I coached her into the remembrance that this is HER piece and HER choice -  no one else’s. There’s no wrong decision. She let herself dance into exactly what she wanted and afterwards felt more powerful and free than she had in awhile.


And isn’t that a mirror for life?


Boldly choose your path and stick to it. Things might change down the road, but if you don’t commit to SOMETHING, you’re stifling a whole lotta energy and creating confusion in the world.


Let’s say the words one more time:

i decide 600


It’s your life, it’s your art. Take the reigns and dance with them.


to the power in you,


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